Added by on 2017-12-30 In this video, Dr. Joel Gruver demonstrates sustainable agriculture techniques taking place at Allison Farm, the largest organic research farm in Illinois. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsFishing Techniques In Bangladesh.Urban Vertical Farming in TONA Organic Farm – MD-Uday Bhanu RoyTONA Organic Farm – VERTICAL FARMINGOrganic Gardening Techniques that Work by Skip RichterVertical Farming in Kakaako – Kerry KakazuUrban Gardening with City Beet Farm on Shaw TV

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  • American 1 year ago

    I recently visited the Minnesota State Fair and I am disappointed to have found nothing on organic farming. It is important for organic farming to have a presence at state fairs in the Midwest so that people can learn more than one side of the story. The farmers I met there are eager to oppose organic farming, even hostile at the mention of it.

  • Chomikback 1 year ago

    He's talking about "buckwheat" ? i hear right? i love it i eat it everyday, best source for carbs for me at vegan diet, better than rice

  • Umair Khalid 1 year ago

    Gr8 stuff!

  • miterca 1 year ago

    Awesome vid! Thank you very much for sharing…this really helps me understand organic farming better. I feel like the impression left upon me has always been how hard and unnecessary organic farming is. My mother came here to the US as a field worker and my interest in organic farming started started with protecting the field workers. This gives me more insight into what it takes. I will continue to buy organic whenever possible!

  • ZyPhReX 1 year ago

    Great work here! Much Appreciated.

  • Alternicity 1 year ago

    Inspirational video, thanks for this.

  • Alternicity 1 year ago

    33.50: ZOMG!!

  • Terrilee Hodroj 1 year ago

    Love it all. Thank you Mr. Allison for keeping your land clean.