Organic Farming: Kurukshetra May 2019 (Examrace - Dr. Manishika Jain) UPSC / NABARD

Organic Farming: Kurukshetra May 2019 is explained in this lecture

Key Topics Included In This Article

Principle of Organic Agriculture
Components of Organics Farming
Inhana Organic Farming (IRF) Technology
Types of Biofertilizers
Green Manuring
SRI (Systems of Rice Intensification)
Health Benefits of Organic Farming
Role of NABARD in Organic Farming
Organic farming is generally associated w/ a “back to nature” movement
Organic farming involves various techniques:
Crop Rotation :- A techniques of growing different crops in the same area according to the sessions to avoid pests and to maintain soil fertility.
Using Green Manures :- Plant leaves & waste material of plants.
Biology Pest Control :- Using living organization to protects plants from pests instead of synthetic chemicals
Vermicomposting :- A process of composting using different worms for preparation of compost w/ the mix of kitchen waste & other vegetables waste.
Retailing, packaging &labeling of organic products are also vital components in the promotion of organic products.
Key Topics Included in this Article @00:11
Organic Farming involves various Techniques @1:20
Organic Farming for Sustainable Agriculture Development @01:45
Natural Resource Management & Bio-Diversity Conservation @4:33
Status, Potential and New Technologies in Organic Farming @06:49
Marketing and Branding of Organic Farming @8:00
Biofertilizers and Green Manuring @9:53
Changing Scenario of Organic Framing @13:18
Technological Innovations in Organic Farming @14:48
Women in Organic Farming: Agents of Change @16:24
Health and Environmental Benefits of Organic Farming @17:17
Role of Nabard in Organic Farming @18:04
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Organic Farming: Kurukshetra May 2019 (Examrace – Dr. Manishika Jain) UPSC / NABARD

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