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Great documentary on organic farming. Purchase hydroponic supplies 35% off MSRP The party still hasn’t started for hydro and aquaponics growers trying to get into the good graces and the minds of the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB ) and the USDA. They’ve been locked into an argument for quite some time now on whether organic hydro and aquaponics is actually considered organic. This has nothing to do w/ organic vs hydro or hydro is better or soil people are religious– it’s about money. The almighty dollar. Check out this vid on how that’s turning out for the organics industry. _________ Wanna put your light to the test or challenge HLG LED’s? Send your request here: Video Rating: / 5 Related Postshydroponic farming documentary, Home mad Hydroponic farm, hydroponic farming systemsUrban Ag News talks Organic Hydroponics with Brett Elliott, farm manager at Elliott GardensOrganic Hydroponics, Jones farm April 27, 2018Preston Boop from Briar Patch Organic Farm Objects to Organic HydroponicsBangladesh Organic Farm ( Hydroponics – 09 )Indoor Fish Farming | Eel fish farm (Documentary) South Korea | ঘরের ভেতর মাছ চাষ কোরিয়ান প্রযুক্তি

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  • Maria Lagarin 11 months ago

    Buildinghydroponics appears as complicated particularly if you have no experience, but it's not.

  • Hermits Reach 11 months ago

    One is full of life and encouraged to grow; the other sterile and forced. Like grass vs farm fed beef or chicken–but you can't force-feed them salts…

  • q Washington 11 months ago

    Sent here from Green State Med, this video is very insightful and makes you think