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  • ramya sreenivasan 1 month ago

    Wow wonderful job. Keep it up. Plz explain about potting mix you have used.

  • Amanda Reyes 1 month ago

    Finally, I found a channel that has legit gardening tutorials. And time lapse documentation? Bonus. Your cat is too cute and funny.

  • Lisa Hand 1 month ago

    Love your videos…so many great tips and very fun too. Love the cat shenanigans!

  • john smith 1 month ago

    Amazing!  Wonderful garden!

  • Garden Inspiration SAFA 1 month ago

    garden fertile

  • Kwan Huiying 1 month ago

    I likes your garden and black cat so much!

  • Sushy 1 month ago

    looks great! You really do not need many groceries in the summer I guess (with all those vegetable/fruit plants) : D

  • Ugandan Knuckles 1 month ago

    Is the cat high on CATNIP ?

  • Vonny Margaretha 1 month ago

    Your cat is cute

  • Amz 777 1 month ago

    Wow amazing video, can't wait to see more! Subscribed!

  • BC carter 1 month ago

    BubbleBeet So that's what happened to CatDog!

  • ano aber 1 month ago

    Please do me a favour, never stop doing your videos!!! 🙂

  • Stuart Cohen 1 month ago

    What kinda container you are growing in

  • PSPSMITH202 1 month ago

    Another great video! Your videos are extremely informative, with that information laid out in a simple-to-follow format. I particularly appreciate how you display the actual names of the plants as you mention them, making it much easier to research those plants by using the correct spellings. You are easily one of the best gardening teachers on YouTube, bar none.

  • Crystal energy 1 month ago

    Don’t you have any herbs ?

  • angela sheppard 1 month ago

    What is the moisture meter you recommend if any?

  • JuicingGardener (Sheryl Mann) 1 month ago

    I love your precision. fantastic video. keep 'em coming!

  • Arash Davar 1 month ago

    Amazing, could you also talk about the soil you are using?