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Come along with Dr. Storey as he opens up the Bright Agrotech greenhouses (both aquaponic and traditional soil) in the morning. – T… A stundly sliptrap of jimmy crack-jocujibbery. It’s Brass Eye! Episode 3 “Science” and it loves you just as much as you love it. This is part 1 of 3. Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related PostsThe Green Wall Vertical Farm – How to Grow an Urban Food Garden – Kenya Sustainable AgricultureUrban Vertical Farming in TONA Organic Farm – MD-Uday Bhanu RoyHome Town Farms: The New Vertical Urban FarmTechKnow Paul Hardej Aquaponic Vertical FarmNew Home Scale Indoor Vertical Hydroponics Farm – Part ThreeHow This Indoor Vertical Farm Makes Perfect Japanese Strawberries — Vendors

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  • LearningDaily 5 years ago

    nice clip thanks?

  • jmtnvalley 5 years ago

    We get bolting because the greenhouse is too hot, also.?

  • Ford Reartiong 5 years ago

    I’ve written down the comprehensive Do-it-yourself aquaponics plan that
    every inexperienced can simply use.?

  • Vertical Food Blog 5 years ago

    #Video – Gain some insight into what happens each day at the Bright
    Agrotech urban farm and #vertical #farm.?


    best guide lines?

  • Billy West 5 years ago

    Question: why bother planting in the ground at all? Of course I realize a
    beet probably won’t grow in a tower, but it seems like alot of the veggies
    in this vid would grow in an aquaponic system. I’m sure no expert but after
    one season of aquaponic experimentation, I levelled by raised beds…?

  • Tom Braun 5 years ago

    check this out. ?

  • east to west 5 years ago

    Ok! Somebody’s gotta say it! Open toe sandals, tie dye tee shirt, beet in
    hand, untrimmed beard , your looking good….but where’s the

  • Storm Warrior 5 years ago


  • Carol Letner 5 years ago

    Do you use warming pads for your seedlings??

  • Dylan Davison 5 years ago

    Instead of having to rattle the lines, could you use a spike in water
    pressure to clear any plugs??

  • ProAm Umpires 5 years ago

    You mentioned your “High Tunnels” – where do you get them – what source or
    brand – rough cost??

  • Bright Agrotech 5 years ago

    New video (again!) – Come along with Dr. Nate Storey as he opens up the
    greenhouses. #Aquaponics #UrbanFarming #greenhouse #growingplants
    #growingfood #hydroponics #verticalfarming #verticalfarm ?

  • skoshabmosha 5 years ago

    How did your wife like that big fat beet??

  • Bike Man Dan 5 years ago

    How do you grow so many brassicas in the summer? Here past spring the
    brassicas get overrun with grey cabbage aphids

  • Norton Klein 5 years ago

    Thank’s for your videos. They are helping a lot. I just have one question,
    about the production of letuce/ha or letuce/water gallon in the sistem.
    Sorry about my english. Im from Brazil! thak’s

  • Buddy Jennette 5 years ago

    have you used the geo system yet western part of the country having massive
    heat wave

  • Chuck Goecke 5 years ago

    Predatory bugs are very mobile and more easily get back to work eating
    pests, when knocked off with water. Another thing about wetting plants is
    that often predators need to actually drink. They prefer nectar, but just
    water is good for them too. In order to minimize the potential for disease,
    I always do the water spraying during mid-day in breeze warm dry weather.
    Water jet strong mist spraying tips the balance in favor of natural
    predators, is very inexpensive and is the most eco-friendly.

  • Jesse Foster 5 years ago

    I love this channel! You guys inspire us

  • Bright Agrotech 5 years ago

    Hi Ned, we used to use iMovie, but now I’m using Adobe After Effects. Are
    you getting into video editing? – Chris

  • Bright Agrotech 5 years ago

    I have an unused channel on youtube with a video on the carrots. search
    “nate storey” and my channel should be near the top.

  • Bertie Hall 5 years ago

    Is the water for the soil-grown veggies from the fish tanks? Great vids!
    Thanks. Regards/Bertie

  • gwdaniels 5 years ago

    Nate as always… you make the information you share almost like a one on
    one Socratic method as if the student were there asking the question and
    figuring it out with you…great teaching method/skill set that is
    inspiring, informative and bring us all up to a higher level of
    understanding that feels personal… When the student is ready… the
    teacher appears…. well Prof… your students are here too… LOL.. Thanks
    again Nate (and the partner behind the camera) Best Aqua/Agro on the web GW

  • Bright Agrotech 5 years ago

    Glad we can help!

  • Bright Agrotech 5 years ago

    Hi Tracy, That’s a great idea, and a lot of larger hydroponic growers do
    use chillers to keep their water temperatures low. I recommend using them
    in hot environments like yours!

  • SiMUFC2009 5 years ago

    17 years later and Hugh Dennis looks exactly the same!?

  • rett butler 5 years ago

    This is the original Borat, duping celebs. Chris Morris, we want you back,
    where are you. Yes Tania used to be so hot.?

  • Catherine Cruickshank 5 years ago

    “A woman has given birth to a two foot testicle”. The fact that that
    sentence exists is a testament to this show.?

  • comanchio1976 5 years ago

    Double-concentrated genius from start to finish?

  • JiayoJames 5 years ago

    the funniest part is that vertical farming is real now?

  • Adam Lewis 5 years ago

    “fuck me” LOL?

  • Noeleen Moran 5 years ago


  • qetoun 5 years ago

    perfect beyond words! ?

  • digglyda 5 years ago

    It’s a fucking disgrace.?

  • Adam Raisbeck 5 years ago

    Brass Eye Episode 3 Science Part 1?

  • Ri0tGoin0n 5 years ago

    HELLY MELVICK: “It’s like someone sticking a sabre into me and…screwing
    it around day and night for six months.” CHRIS: “Fuck me.” I absolutely

  • muffins4tots 5 years ago

    This is quite possibly the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.

  • KadzarTathram 5 years ago

    @IQrow Oh my God.

  • Sailor Barsoom 5 years ago

    Eeeehhhhh yeah. Pretty much.

  • CultureJudge 5 years ago

    Brass Eye and the Day Today constitute some of the most sane, the most
    wise, TV ever made. When Morris came on the scene I cried tears of relief –
    here at last was a man with a brain in his head. Wish the christ he was
    still making shows. He’s the UK’s Bill Hicks. Both men exposed bullshit by
    the sackload and made us cry with laughter as they did so.

  • Hoobtastic 5 years ago

    Incredibly lazy, lol

  • gullivera 5 years ago

    London’s top whack quack shack!

  • PuissantAlgernon 5 years ago

    How, I didn’t know Hugh Dennis was in Brass Eye. Also, I love the way this
    parodies the ridiculous, patronising, over-the-top documentaries that
    infest the TV these days…

  • Ryan Burrows 5 years ago

    A stomach full of SHOULDERS?

  • weaselidiotu 5 years ago

    how was this show possible?! … genius. this man..

  • djwedgewood 5 years ago

    3:30 Does anyone else sneak up up their mates, jump out and shout

  • dongawoy 5 years ago

    “Gynasium Babies are often born snapped”.

  • mxgirl918 5 years ago

    Hugh Dennis’s attempt at an American accent really cracked me up xD

  • jpz38t 5 years ago

    lolll the fuckin expression on his face at 3:54 i cant stop laughing

  • Matthew Harris 5 years ago