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Space 10 has designed a verticle garden system that looks good, provides some outdoor living space, and grows a lot of plants on a small piece of land. The plans are free and open source. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsMirak Agricultural Services – Largest Open Field Hydroponic SystemOpen Source Stories: Farming for the FutureThe Future Of Farming Is Utilizing Data In An Open Source Network Of Farmers | NetNet | CNBCBuild The Most Beautiful Garden On The Top Roof Around Wooden Villa⟹ DIY 55 gallon self watering vertical garden planter | How to build start to finish!Jungle Men Build Beautiful Grass Roof House

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  • Allan Boruck 6 months ago

    I have also built this product and it turned out awesome. I am in Western Canada and can deliver it. We built this product because we have a food safe and permanent treatment that protects the wood from ever changing color or deteriorating whatsoever. Built out of wood, it will never rot. We also have the ability to build it any size and out of any material including fiberglass, stainless steel and aluminium. Contact me if you have any questions. 🙂 Thanks Space 10! This thing is beautiful!