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Video Rating: / 5 Hi folks… Here you can see to aerate your hydroponics water solution without airpump. I’ve used simple lolipop stick, cutted under 45… How to Aquaponics? Go to Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsDIY Hydroponics – Indoor Farming and gardening with GrowBoxTHE BEST CHEAPEST HYDROPONIC CLONER SYSTEM AVAILBLE EXCELLENT FOR CUTTINGS AND CLONESD.I.Y. hydroponics System Part 1Opcom farm cube: hydroponic farming at home [English]DIY Indoor Farming With the FarmTower|RENEGADE (running organic hydroponics)Indoor & Backyard Aquaponics Kit for Easy Home Farming & Gardening

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  • Diana Sim 1 year ago

    How much

  • Nygel Leemen (Hydropoet) 1 year ago

    This is pointless more less designed for looks then it is production. but nice try.