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In northern Tanzania, walls that incorporate living trees offer dual protection. They keep lions out of Maasai settlements Related PostsLions, Livestock & Living WallsLiving WallsNew Player In Living Walls Brings Outside InsideLiving WallsThe Garden Gurus – Living WallsLiving Walls

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  • Susanne Wuthrich 5 years ago

    I got angry and stoped at 0:08?

  • Susanne Wuthrich 5 years ago

    The wild life hates the noise. That is a foreign energy no lions like to go
    up against because those assholes carry guns as well. A lion does not need
    conservation, a lion needs to learn surviving skills for future soul
    evolution of that breed. So don’t make wussies out of us before we choose
    to come to you.

    This is the channeling of a lion who learned how to share with the crocks.

    So get out, this journalisme is no more needed and does not promote the
    truth of the Lion King. All it promotes is business for the carers who love
    animals more then their own kind.?

  • droman3634 5 years ago

    great work?

  • MmeDefarge (Expose NYC Meth Labs) 5 years ago

    A living wall should help stave off increasing desertification, too.?

  • James Lee 5 years ago

    They didn’t show any rhinos in the montage of animals at the end, primarily
    due to their scarcity. But this will only be needed until more African
    nations modernize and can better regulate their wildlife. Modernization,
    education, and decreasing poverty is key in conservation. In the U.S., many
    species like the black bear, white tailed deer, American bison, and
    American alligator have all made tremendous comebacks, and in rapidly
    advancing India, millions of people live in close proximity to leopards,
    elephants, hyenas, wolves, tigers, and even rhinos. In places were large
    animals have been long gone, like southern France, the return of large
    animals like wolves has proven problematic, so many steps must be ensured
    to keep a healthy balance.?

  • Jack Han 5 years ago
  • Adambrown Hussein 5 years ago

    “Aaaah dada yako” She speaks good Swahili .?

  • Dennis Wicker 5 years ago

    Humans will always prevail and wildlife will parish.?

  • Himson Li 5 years ago

    This warms my heart, nuff said.?

  • ChaosMomtoo 5 years ago

    How awesome! Thank you so much for your ingenuity and hard work!!! What a
    beautiful way to help the people and the big cats live together in peace
    and harmony!?

  • liamsi75 5 years ago

    This woman make you believe in humanity, great work !?

  • cuatrotaco100 5 years ago
  • notnatkingcole 5 years ago

    You’re amazing for doing this!?

  • rikkilake 5 years ago

    I love stories such as this.?

  • mcgaugh57 5 years ago

    Just make it known too people there, that the Lion is worth more alive then
    dead. They would never kill another one, harvest a select few for the high
    dollar trophy hunters and all would be good.?

  • austrorus 5 years ago

    lets just hope that they than later don’t cut down the trees for firewood.?

  • Technowolfdragon's Lair 5 years ago

    The real way to save wild life is:
    1. Stop mass producing domestic animals.
    2. Stop destroying natural habitats for oil, wood and such.
    3. Stop hunting wild animals for their fur, fangs, horns, etc…..
    4. Start planting trees and other plant spices that was lost due to human
    activities or wildfires
    5. Start training wild animals that was rescued from human activities or
    wildfires and release them back into their natural habitats.

    There’s no other way around it, Humans need to stop taking everything and
    start giving back to the Earth or face extinction.?

  • craig79792000 5 years ago

    If a lion wants to jump that, he will. A seven foot fence is not a barrier,
    it is a hassle. The hassle factor probably makes them move on to easier
    pickings. So, you just screwed your neighbor who does not have a fence.
    Thanks for that. When things get bad…..and they will, you will be right
    back where you started.?

  • William Roberts 5 years ago

    Do all of the these short national geographic films come from larger film
    projects or do you have a production team dedicated to this channel?
    Will ?

  • SinHVdaniel 5 years ago

    No human plan is perfect. Even if there is a small margin of contribution
    to both animals and man, we should move forward. Small coordinated margins
    make a big field.?

  • Ricky Lahey 5 years ago

    Hmm.. if this same problem was happening in America, they would fix it by
    equipping each man, woman and child with a fully automatic machine gun.
    They did the same thing in America except they send out guns AND coke so
    they kill each other instead of lions.?

  • Sean DSouza 5 years ago

    Wow. ?

  • Alex Rangel 5 years ago

    That’s won of my class meats name were she is?

  • DANIELLE FOURAGE 5 years ago

    Trips bien dada ok ?

  • Ruth Hochman 5 years ago

    I love lions — such an incredible creature.?