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CCTV America’s Karina Huber interviewed Dickson Despommier, a Columbia University professor and a leading proponent of vertical farming and asked him one more question about what the future of vertical farming will look like. Here’s his response. Video Rating: / 5 Dr. Dickson Despommier is a professor of Microbiology and Public Health at Columbia University, and the author of The Vertical Farm: Feeding the World in the 21st Century. In this episode, Dickson describes the advantages of the vertical farms concept, how the concept is already manifested in the real world, and how vertical farms would integrate into a vertical city. Read full show notes and more at Vertical City is building a foundation for a sustainable urban future. If you enjoyed this podcast, or you would like to learn more about urbanism, sustainability, innovation and large-scale architecture, visit us Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsDickson Despommier On Vertical FarmingPopular Videos – Vertical farming & Dickson DespommierTHESIS 2013 RMUTT – INNOVATION VERTICAL FARMING FOR FUTURE IN BANGKOK (HD)The Vertical Farm as the Ecosystem of the City – Dickson Despommier – AVF summit 2016Vertical Farming With Dr. Dickson Despommier PhD Part 5The Vertical Farm: A Keystone Concept for the the Ecocity : Dickson Despommier at TEDxWarwick 2013

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  • Lennon Richardson 1 year ago

    Dickson's story on how Vertical Farms started is truly inspiring.