One day landscape work-E2-Simple low maintenance design

One day landscape work-E2-Simple low-maintenance design-In this video, I performed a simple landscape design installation in a small urban area. They want very low maintenance factories. I also moved the factory installed by the builder to a more suitable location. The product I use-Products-HortTube Facebook page HortTube Instagram HortTube Twitter How to grow in clay. How to grow in clay. Short video. How to plant in sandy soil. 30 Allen Road. Clayton, North Carolina 27520.


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  • HortTube with Jim Putnam

    There was a problem with my microphone in part of the video. I tried to fix some of it, but there is still some popping occasionally. That's life. Thanks for watching

  • Susan Bartone

    Just discovering your videos now…too bad I never went to your garden center before it shut down. You have a great amount of knowledge! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Tami Harris

    You ever want to come to Spring Hope– I would love some help. I am just starting on my garden and I have an 1.35 acreage to play with. Come on to Nash County… and play in the clay with me.

  • Nadya

    Hi Jim, will the wooden fence deteriorate at all because of the plants so close? I would love to put some barrier hedges like you did here along my backyard fence for extra privacy and sound buffering but I'm hesitant to plant up on the fence. Genuinely curious.

  • RussC

    Loved the repurposing of the screening plants from front to backyard.. curious on your spacing for those as they seemed very close. I am about to plant a bunch of ligustrum recurvifolium along my side fence as screening, keeping them no higher than 8ft tall and 6ft out into the yard from the fence
    Was planning on planting 6ft apart.. is that too far apart?

  • Alex Maness

    Question for you: How did you clear the land of weeds/grass in the areas you were going to work? Looks like you had already (or someone) designated what would be going where and the areas you intended to work in, but did you lay tarps or something to smother what was there since they are all brown and ready or? When would that aspect come into a project like this?

  • ferretygoodness 4

    This is great! I'm in West Virginia and the front of my house is full sun all day. I want low maintenance as well. Thanks!

  • Jennifer Grady

    Can you help me with some ideas? I just removed 4 huge, overgrown shrubs from my front foundation. They were just way too big for that space. I extended the bed. I want to plant some bobo hydrangeas with a small shrub in front of them and an anchor tree ( maybe weeping lace leaf maple) I can not find a shrub to put there. It's so frustrating. Any ideas?

  • barmy

    This was great, I have been researching "pics of landscaping" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Giyily Landscaping Yatty – (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got amazing results with it.

  • Taylor York

    This looks so great! My husband and I are starting some landscaping and when we heard you're from NC it was so great!

  • CreatingMind

    Great video Jim! I absolutely love theses.
    QUICK QUESTION…what's the best mulch for soil health. I really like pine straw but you mentioned it's bad to mix into the soil. I though it broke down rather quickly? Any tips or insights?

  • Ape R

    Great video, I really enjoy your channel! Can you recommend something like the Evergreen Daylily that is another color?

  • Santa Hampton

    Your friends are so lucky to have you! Shame on the builder for contracting with "landscapers" who planted the wrong things in so many areas!!

  • Tricia Lyon

    I love to see how you plan and layout beds figuring in height, color, texture, bloom in conjunction with water, soil, light and temperature needs of the plant! This is super helpful! Thank you!

  • BigGary79

    Really enjoy these landscaping job videos. It's interesting to see what plants you pick and where you use them.

  • bellamiamb

    I love these one day projects. You are a great teacher!! I can just send my son outside with the video and the plants I ordered online. Thanks so much!!

  • M Kitchens

    This was very helpful as I am putting together a landscape plan for the front of my house, and these are some of the plants I wanted to use. One question: Does the Miss Lemon or Kaleidoscope Abelia stay more compact?

  • Jean T. O’M

    Nice looking–practical & pretty! Love that you recycled the original plants in back to a more appropriate site.

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