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Here is a semi quick tour of my side-lot garden in Arizona that is packed with tropical trees and some veggies. I tried my best to name a majority of the big ticket items (LOL). Since this is my first actual garden tour, I got a little nervous and forgot lots of things. Anyhoo, I will try to do another tour of my main garden in the backyard that is full of veggies. Thank you for watching and I hope enjoyed viewing my little bit of paradise like I do daily 🙂 GROW CRAZY! Amazing Edible Tropical Tree Paradise in Phoenix, Arizona. My Gardening Tours and Workshops will be back again starting in August! Come and check out how I plant my fall garden and tour my urban homestead! Email me at and I’ll email you the date/time of our next gardening event in the Phoenix, Arizona area! Plant Food, Filters, Foliar Feed, and More at: Hit the “Like” button, Click “SUBSCRIBE”, Comment Below, and Share this Video! Friend me on Facebook at Check out my website at Check out my other YouTube channels at: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsArizona Garden Tour – Over 200 Fruit Trees on 1/3 Acre – Spring 2016My Garden Tour – Phoenix, Arizona 2015 – Edible & Tropical TREESEpic Yard Farm – Garden Tour Spring 2015 – Phoenix & Tempe ArizonaChandigarh, Pinjor Garden Educational TourDesert Gardens A Photographic Tour of the Arizona Sonora Desert MuseumSubdivision Tour of The Gardens in Gilbert Arizona

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  • Erika W 2 weeks ago

    This is fantastic!

  • May Ploy 2 weeks ago

    That's a nice little garden!

  • ChezGra 2 weeks ago

    Beautiful garden!!! It doesn't seem to be that big but you have so many things!!!!! Came from IG (@altahuerta)

  • Justine Estrada 2 weeks ago

    Does the dry heat affect your tropical trees?

  • Lucy Hwang 2 weeks ago

    Ive been working on my urban garden in tempe, az for the last 5 to 6 years. I wanted to know, how big is this property? Of all the trees and veggies that I grow I feel there is just not enough space

  • w.y В 2 weeks ago

    I love that Ask more videos

  • Jora Lebedev 2 weeks ago

    It's so great to see you making the most of what you have to work with and doing it right.  You rock.  Here in Minnesota I have a different set of challenges to work with but I will make the most of it and you are a huge inspiration.

  • Jacq Davis 2 weeks ago

    Fun fact that I think you will appreciate too is, we call it "鳳凰樹" (Feng Huang Shu) in Taiwan, translates literally to "Phoenix Tree." 😉

    Royal Poinciana is very common in Taiwan. It blooms in June and is always around the time of graduation. We even have songs and poems written about the timing of Royal Poinciana blooming and the school graduations. Signs of summer~

    Another nice video showcasing your amazing garden!

  • philipee32 2 weeks ago

    Damn son you have almost the ingredients to my smoothie back there except pineapple

  • Hissage 2 weeks ago

    Where do I found a kale tree? What type is it ? The ones I grow stay small . Also they always get aphids , same with dill . Any idea why ? I grow organic , Singh farms compost .

  • Roronoa Zoro 2 weeks ago

    Please do sprouted clip

  • So when one of your chickens die do you throw it away or give the meat away? I am totally cool with you being a "Vegan" but don't make it more than it is. You can still heal the earth and eat meat, one being is no greater than another we are all special. Every blade of grass, tree, microbe, insect and animal. Eating plantes ends life eating meat ends life. Great spaces though keep the videos coming!

  • Vegans Living Off the Land 2 weeks ago

    those royal poinciana get huge and span out like trees in the Savannah. What makes the tree so unique is that you rarely (if ever) see trees with red flowers.

  • Vegans Living Off the Land 2 weeks ago

    we are very fortunate to live at a time and place that provides us with the opportunity to grow the abundance of food we need 🙂

  • James T 2 weeks ago

    What is the type of mulch you used for your entire garden? Where did you get them? I also live close to Tempe and start building a tropical garden here.

  • Rod Parra 2 weeks ago

    I grew my own Royal Poinciana tree from seed and it grew taller than me in one summer with absolutely gorgeous 2 ft long fronds…but died during the winter. It wasn't a particularly cold winter so that took me by surprise.

  • dot thomas 2 weeks ago

    very nice it looks very lush and cool

  • Saduni Guruge 2 weeks ago

    Sir,  Your stuff is pretty interesting.  I see that you put so much stuff to these trees.  Please read about Palekar's Zero budget farming style.

  • MARICRUZ JAIMES B 2 weeks ago

    How do I make a pond like yours my back yard it's about the same size I planted some fruit trees  but I want to plant some more, I live in the San Fernando valley CA,

  • Curtis Smith 2 weeks ago

    Your garden is beautiful.  You did a lot in just a few years.

  • Susan Pfeiffer 2 weeks ago

    My only complaint with this video is that it's too short. I want to see more!

  • Aisling Chepi 2 weeks ago