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Using homemade lumber made with a chainsaw mill, the skeletal structure of the roof goes up in Pa Mac’s old-fashioned pole barn workshop. It’s the 9th episode of The Farm Hand’s Companion Show, and the 4th installment of the Building a Pole Barn Structure series. Be sure and subscribe to the Farm Hand’s Companion channel to keep up with the progress as Pa Mac takes an undeveloped piece of property and turns it into a small subsistence farm. Watch for new episodes as often as Pa Mac can crank ’em out and still run a farm. (As long as he’s alive and kicking, he’s most assuredly farming and filming!) Also visit to find articles, posts, photographs, and encouragement for today’s self-sufficient farm or homestead. [Note: Scenes in this video depicting dangerous activities are for exhibition only, and not intended for the promotion of any specific action or method.] Related PostsBuilding an Old-fashioned Pole Barn, Pt 6 – The Farm Hand’s Companion Show, ep 12Homemade Lumber for the Small Farm or Homestead – The Farm Hand’s Companion Show, ep 5Building a Small Log Chicken House – The Farm Hand’s Companion Show, ep 10Planting Heirloom Apple Trees on the Small Farm – The Farm Hand’s Companion Show, ep 7Clearing Land for Farming or Homesteading – The Farm Hand’s Companion Show, ep 2How to Build a Pole Barn Pt 7 – Metal Roofing

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  • Richard Britt 1 year ago

    I am going higher and will have a bigger foot print. It's going to be 50 by 50 with a 20 by 50 center sloping down to about 10 ft outside walls. I'm thinking of cutting a central U shape at top of posts in center and trimming the upright to fit inside and 3 bolts to secure them. But not locked in to any just yet. Arkansas challenge is digging holes.

  • Richard Britt 1 year ago

    Hello Mr Farmhand, you have inspired me to do the same thing. I have started collecting my poles for the walls. A question I have is by expanding the plans a little, do you think I could work in a second story in center? Would I have to get poles long enough to go higher or start a second floor on a finished floor? Hope you are still on line. Thanks Richard

  • GH3KKO GARDENER 1 year ago

    I wish I lived in the free world
    Unfortunately I live in England
    This would be a bureaucratic nightmare

  • Ruby Gray 1 year ago

    What a man! I guess they broke the mould when they made him. Handy to have about. Can turn his hands to anythin'. Inventor, carpenter, arteeste, horseman, scythemaniac, gardeneur, dog pal, chainsawerer, musician, luthier, whittler, snake-wrassler, chopper-down and joiner-upper. Knows when to keep his mouth shut, patient, wise and funny. Wish I had me one o' those. My pole barn sure could do with some barn raisin'.

  • AngryNooblets 1 year ago

    What is that level device on your chainsaw

  • Mark Dacosta 1 year ago

    good one

  • ps3shakes123 1 year ago

    Making a jig for the trusses is a great tip. Enjoying your vids, thanks.

  • chefgiovanni 1 year ago

    I too have built a few pole barns. Very differnt from yours. Most of the farm pole barns in the south have open sides (no walls).
    This is a whole new level of hillbilly style, but I like it and understand why you built it that way.

  • Mr. & Mrs. Pathfinder 1 year ago

    Hello sir,
    Just subscribed and I am going through all the pole barn videos. Couldn't wait another second to comment. QUESTION: How many trees did this project take? I'm excited to start building on our property. Next step, purchasing your book! Thank you for the entertaining education. Love your humor! Thank you for sharing your journey.
    Stay happy,
    Mrs. P

  • Jason Mckay 1 year ago

    Your videos remind me of working on my Papa's ranch as a kid, good memories. I need to find some small projects I can do with my kids and granddaughter.

  • Andy Ubaldo 1 year ago

    Wow…I'm now addicted to your videos. Please upload as soon as you can. I just subscribed.

  • mic jam 1 year ago

    I noticed there was a little editing at 6:52… many takes?  lol    nice job framing

  • Luke Johnson 1 year ago

    This is good viewing. Love watching an episode b4 I start my day.

  • Red Hawkfield 1 year ago

    hooked on your series Pa ! love the music,humor,common sense & knowledge. how long did it take you to build pole barn ?

  • Mike O'Keefe 1 year ago

    Wish you could get a show !!!
    Just so enjoy your humour and hard work and skill !

  • DAVID SONNIER 1 year ago

    did you plan the orientation of your workshop in regards to prevailing wind or southern exposure to doors or was that necessary?

  • baldor traveler 1 year ago

    great work

  • Mark Burnham 1 year ago


  • mackieman2675 1 year ago

    I wish you'd just talk