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  • GH3KKO GARDENER 4 years ago

    wow big system, seems you're really making the most of your space

  • Giovanni Mures 4 years ago

    Where did you get that distribuitor system head?
    Thank you

  • 2Awesome 4 years ago

    Pex is becoming more common due to the labor savings. Those big pipes are only used for drainage and irrigation (Well unless you got like 100 bathrooms or something i guess lol)

  • Matrix Defector 4 years ago

    I'm sorry, but just because it is used in the construction of new homes doesn't mean that it is safe for drinking water, because it IS toxic. You have to do your own research. There is "PVC" and then there is "uPVC" "uPVC" is unplasticized PVC, which means that it does not use plasticizers in its production. The plasticizers in PVC are what make PVC toxic. Regular PVC contains phthalates and BPA, which are being leached into your hydroponic water. Type this into google "Comparitive acute toxicity of leachates from plastic products" click on the first link, and you will see the toxicity of PVC. I'm not trying to sound rude, but I'm trying to help.

  • Jade Johnson 4 years ago

    Building hydroponics seems like challenging, specially when you have no idea about building hydroponics before, but it isn't.

  • sonofthunder 333 4 years ago

    temp problems??

  • Solar Service Guy 4 years ago

    Hello, thats really nice, going to create my own hydroponics strawberries with my solar etc. I'm also an engineer and really believe in safety. I see this guy is not wearing shoes and the plastic is going all over, this might be something you might want to take care of in the future. Good job.

  • wil04us 4 years ago

    How have the strawberries done this winter? Pictures? What varieties did you use? Varieties that were best for you? Worst?


  • Fensterfarm Greenhouse 4 years ago

    How much cooler does your swamp cooler keep the greenhouse on say a 90 degree day? I just bought a 5' by 40' cooler that I will need to cut down to about 28'.

  • Susi Susanti 4 years ago

    good idea, thks

  • dantang65 4 years ago

    very good video thankyou

  • TheVierinsky 4 years ago

    hey guys, nice project you got there i'm planning on doing something similar here in Chile and i just wanted to know what are the specifications from the pumps that you're using on each reservoir and how much is the spacing between each row.

    thanks and have fun ;D

  • Billy Bond 4 years ago

    Black PVC lol it called ABS

  • rockytunes89 4 years ago

    What is the bottom material covering? Black tarp? Where are you guys located about? Thanks for the vid

  • Miracle Dogg 4 years ago


  • Kevin Doorman 4 years ago

    Great job you guys. I've been working on a miniature version of this type of system myself. The problem I have experienced is that the net cups don't reach to the bottom of the 4 in pipe and my media is drying out. How'd you guys avoid this problem and get the berries to root properly ?