Learn how to build and maintain a hydroponics without needing any pumps or other electric equipment. Low in maintenance, this system is ideal for beginners who want to grow fruit, vegetables, spices or herbs. This DIY video will explain everything you need to know to get started.

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This is an awesome way to get started with hydroponic gardening. I made this as a guide for kids but then decided to record a video about it because it’s such a fun way to get into hydroponics for anyone no matter how old they are.

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Off the grid hydroponics: the Kratky method

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  • Hima Nimer

    One of the easiest way to spend less effort gardening with hydroponics system is to take full advantage of hydroponics professionals, without the need to try and fail like them before!

  • Ponniah Kunathasan

    Thanks. In this Krathy methed do we need to add nutritions or replace the whole water with new nutritions? or just add water only

  • TaskMaster2099

    Can u recommend a fogger that doesnt break I saw your other video u stated they broke down. Also do u find this method here Krakty is faster than fogpon? I am sold on fogponics. U can share email address?

  • MilliePat

    I want to use Kratky to grow dwarf tomatoes indoors. How many dwarf tomatoes would adequately grow in the container that you are using for the lettuce?

  • darthvader5300

    The first non-circulating and self-aerating hydroponics which is self-tending was FIRST DEVELOPED BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN AND IT IS CALLED AS THE WROCLOW HYDROPONICS. It is a conventional hydroponic system with a slight modifications which uses a metal mesh and nylon mesh, covered with a mixture of brown coal and peat, drill holes for the air to enter the hydroponic container. Add water containing nutrients carefully and gradually over the top to wet and moisten it as it absorbs the water mixed with nutrients. Crops are planted and allowed to grow, water is added to replace what the plants has consumed, After every harvest the nutrient solution is replaced. But now a modified form of Wroclow hydroponics is introduced by using water hyacinths to prevent and reverse water eutrophication and azolla to add nitrogen into the water. Water is added to replace what was consumed by the plants at the top in a controlled way so that the entire planting bed is wet-moistened. The water solution is ordinary water mixed with a mixture of rock dust powder that dissolves in the water until saturation point is reached, then it is used. After every harvest the water is just topped to replaced what the plants has consumed and not replaced for the water hyacinths and azolla has been making it fresh and mixed with nitrogen through nitrogen-fixation from the atmosphere and into the water through the azolla while the water hyacinths stops, reverses, prevents eutrophication which makes the water fresh all the time.

  • curly sue

    I wasn't able to catch some of the items you used, like the growth medium, and fertilizer? Can u update the description and list the items used?

    I would like to try this method using Mason (that have been painted Dark) using a CFL growth light so I may garden during the winter, just want to make sure I get the right tools and etc. thx

    Great vid tho! 

  • Suko Tyas Pernanda

    Thanks, this helps me a lot. Does it need any wick? or the water level is set to be high enough to reach the net pot?

  • Curry Curry

    Can anyone tell me about the hydroponic nutrients and how safe it is for growing food. I'm in the learning stages of hydroponics So don't be a dick about it lol. I'm here for knowledge Not arguments lol. trying to learn and I believe the best way to learn is by hearing everyone's thoughts on it.. Thank you

  • astrangeone

    Might have to try this with a few of my favourite peppers.

    Too bad I don't own fish any more. I used to grow strong plants with the water changes from the koi plant.

  • may Oruene

    How often do I need to change the water? Or all I have to do is add water if the water level is low? What about the type of nutrients to use?

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