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Off grid living. Is there any water left in the 275 gallon water totes? Did the solar panel battery bank get completely recharged? And most importantly did I get the dishes washed? What is… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related PostsHow to Make a Living Plant Wall (DIY)Chimney & Green Roof Work project on off-grid home in Bulgaria. Строеж комин и зелен покрив с Цеци.How to Make Living Wall Art | Home Made Simple | Oprah Winfrey NetworkKiss the Ground's Regenerative Gardening & Living – Course PreviewHe’s Been Living Under Her Bedroom Floor..Carole King – Up on the Roof (from Welcome To My Living Room)

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  • sim6699 5 years ago

    You can save energy by not using an electric pump and letting gravity do
    the work.?

  • justlookingsteve 5 years ago

    rule of thumb ,,, one plate one bowl one cup etc per person, and wash them
    in 2 inches of water.?

  • Tim Kepler 5 years ago

    I really enjoyed this mini series, there are a few things you should
    improve on but all in all your off to a great start and are defiantly more
    prepared then most.?

  • Steve Treadders 5 years ago

    Hi, your problem with filling your toilet up can be overcome with a cheap
    12v water pump connected into the tank system, so the pump starts and fills
    the toilet system and once its full and the valve shuts off the pump shuts
    off untill the pressure drops again, simply have it valved off so you can
    swop from mains to tank. steve?

  • Tim Kepler 5 years ago

    Have you considered backup preps for your garden fertilizer, some simple
    animals Chickens and or Rabbits for example, are really good fertilizer
    produces, Both produce other products, chickens give eggs, and rabbits
    depending on the breed there hair from brushed or shaved can be spun into
    yarn, and of course both can be raised for meat.?

  • Comicsluvr 5 years ago

    I would be willing to bet that you would get better yield from your solar
    panels if they were on the roof. Also, try to store enough water for 14
    days without rain (we seldom go two weeks without rain here but for a
    buffer…). With a garden that big you need a LOT more water storage.?

  • marsL001 5 years ago

    i would invest in more batteries

    say one each month or every other month atleast 1 new battery?

  • rchandraonline 5 years ago

    Just use a clothes washing machine hose as a male-to-male garden hose
    gender mender (because the washer hose has a female connector on each
    end). Then you can use gravity instead of a pump. Even so, you should
    consider using siphon action instead of the pump. It’d be slower, but not
    use any electricity from your battery.

    oh…and the word is “potable.” What you’re saying would be “pottable.”
    It would rhyme with “boatable,” if it were a real word.?

  • Debra Andrino 5 years ago

    get yourself some hospital wash basins, as you dirty your dishes .. soak
    them in amway dish soap .. wash them in one rinse in another .. now go
    water your flowers ?? .. that is what I do and get great tomato’s in
    florida ?

  • Richard Reese 5 years ago

    You have one beautiful home thanks for allowing us in it and for your
    diligence to living off the grid. Canada makes many 12 vdc deep freezer
    type refrigerators that are very power conserving. Also on sunny days 4 or
    six inch dia. black pipe can heat water to bathe with. ?

  • sim6699 5 years ago

    You can save energy by not using an electric pump and letting gravity do
    the work.?

  • Anigia Invhi 5 years ago

    Great videos and an even greater learning experience on many levels.?

  • NeverQuitEver 5 years ago

    Great series. This was a great help watching you go through the experience.?

  • Jim Septuagenarian 5 years ago

    Your house seems (to me) to be quit large. Now that you have experienced
    living a week off the grid, do you think your house is oversized??

  • Joe Orabona 5 years ago

    What pump do you use to water??

  • toobroke2fight 5 years ago

    I noticed that your 7 day test was a year ago. I did notice quite a few
    “tweaks” that I would do if it were my prep. ( im not one of those that
    tears everyones videos up!) I have not looked through your comments to see
    if others have given you the same tips i would have. I could go through
    your week of videos and give you a few things to think about but id like to
    do that directly to you. It would take me over an hour to go through the
    videos again and take notes but if you would like I can do it. I enjoy the
    solar/wind/prepper stuff but if your not concerned I wont waste my time. I
    like your videos and how your dedicated to yourself and helping others with
    this. Let me know and we can chat… 73 Joe KE7ZVJ?

  • SilentDeath002 5 years ago

    that was a interesting test you went thru for a week. a suggestion on your
    battery bank, you can go to golf courses and purchase used 6 volt battery
    they are getting rid of for the core price, usually 10.00 to 25.00 each
    depending on your location. use a bendini pulse motor to desulfate them and
    add to your battery bank. you might also want to build a small VAWT or
    small wind generator for those days with no sun but plenty of wind.?

  • MrMcsbr 5 years ago

    I would hope to use the water from my hot tub but maybe not for drinking
    but for bathing and dishes I am thinking it could work.?

  • nyannyan123456 5 years ago

    Nice thing about country living we have well water. Long as I have power
    source for pump I have potable water.?

  • D.J. DISPATCH 5 years ago

    what are the containers called you use for rain wate collection? where do
    you get them from??

  • Edward Jones 5 years ago

    Great prepper test! You’ve inspired me to perform my own this summer, but
    watching your adventure I noted some areas I need to examine/correct
    first:) Thanks for the series!?

  • mpfdco9 5 years ago

    Rinse the dishes as you water the garden, or use the used dish water for
    toilets or garden. ?

  • Allen waller 5 years ago

    nice job good Video I enjoy all of then, your can run your ice box on a
    cover 12V, it will use less power then on AC, or you can get a 12V RV ice
    box use, and use it, it will run on 12V OR propane or 120V A 3 way RV ice
    box, and you need a few more battery and 4 more solar panel also, for more

  • Marcos Ronald Roman Gon 5 years ago
  • Marcos Ronald Roman Gon 5 years ago