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Yes, we are doing it! Its finally here and getting started. We will provide more videos of our off-grid aquaponics system soon! PLEASE VISIT to DONATE to Travis’s wonderful ministry. Be blessed! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsAquaponics Rocks ( Growing Medium ) Wash Install Plant – $40 Aquaponics – Barrelponics Made EasyOff-Grid Self-Watering Container Gardening System: The Ultimate ContainerOff-Grid Hydroponics – The Kratky Method, Raft Hydroponics Update 3weeksHYDROPONICS. AEROPONICS and AQUAPONICS SYSTEM: A visit to Rosebud Continuum.Young Woman’s Off-Grid Green Built Tiny House Designed For a Sustainable FutureWhat Is Aquaponics System?

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  • WORDFITLYSPOKEN I 7 months ago

    Yeshua IS Messiah!!!

  • Allan Bryant 7 months ago

    Great stuff bud. iv just bought a 100 acres in Victoria Australia, and just about to do the same thing. keep it up mate!

  • bonsia trees/seeds and plants for beginners Paton 7 months ago

    Where's the best place to buy solar panels

  • Pseudo Smith 7 months ago

    Would like to know how many people could survive off of this particular setup and for how long before the other grow barrels are added… (barring any catastrophic damage and such)… and approximate costs (knowing full well of course the price will vary in accordance with location, the time of purchasing and other variables)

  • norman burris 7 months ago

    i like this video. I did download the manual but the manual is not for the construction of the unit you are building in this video. do you have the plans for the build in the video?

  • Clayton Revie 7 months ago

    Travis is a legend.

  • TheJred 7 months ago

    I notice you have My Elohim's name on your shirt… all praise be to YaHUaH…

  • Trishia U 7 months ago

    kill the music!!!! No so christian if i may say…

  • stophypocrisy 7 months ago

    Wish I had a neighbor like Travis

  • Shanta Hsieh 7 months ago

    So i made it too . just by using inplix scripts:)

  • Pierre HM De Bok 7 months ago


  • FASTESTMAN ON3LEGS 7 months ago

    "We can do it,so can you"! If you have 5k to spare…

  • Cody Peterson 7 months ago

    how can you even do that and call the vegetables you're going to grow natural after you take them and you make this grow up your grow operation that you're making it's no longer a natural become pharmakeia and now that you've done that don't you know your tomatoes and everything you're going to grow are Pharmacea you and now that you're not actually growing natural plants …that was your reasoning on the pot video…. I mean come on bro you're speaking outa both sides your mouth still lv u though

  • Brandon 7 months ago

    it's not a good idea to mix and match different types of modules they have different voltage and amps. when you connect your modules is series to build your volts having a smaller module will restrict the max power because in series your volts will only be as high as the lowest module. So for instance the 3 silver modules are 30ocv and the black module is 23ocv that means when you connect all 4 modules each module is only going to pull out 23ocv each.

  • HookahGuy Ty 7 months ago

    power remains constant….. Voltage drops current goes up POWER STAYS THE SAME. Increase voltage current drops Power stays the same P=VxI

  • cook oliver 7 months ago

    how about use a water driver wheel to replace the electricity

  • SC Prepper 7 months ago

    Using barrels….. That's genious

  • mark2ui 7 months ago

    Love your video you sound like a nice guy nice people helping and ive been looking at an off grid as i work away 2 weeks back a week.
    its going to be a challenge but i know it can be done small scale for me,
    the thought of chemical free organic food after tasting tomatoes from an aquaponic system they where best tomatoes ive ever tasted,grow beds waist height no bending or digging 1001 reasons to go aquaponic.

  • Kristyne Best 7 months ago

    I love this system that you created! Would you happen to have the plans? I live in the high desert and this would be a perfect system for where we are.

  • Thomas Rossetti 7 months ago

    You guys are fantastic! I am an Ex-pat American who has been living in South East Asia for just about 20 years and am hoping to be in Cambodia soon. My dream is to help the people there create small Aqua systems like this to support their families and villages. They are having a tough time of it with climate challenges and their lack of knowledge on how to move into more progressive forms of farming from traditional. Just trying to raise some funds but DO plan on donating to you fellas just as soon as I can see some light. I do have some interest and have created a Crowdfunding Project. Feel like coming to Cambodia Travis ? 🙂 Thanks again fellas. Peace and respect. Tom