Added by on 2016-09-21 The Software that Calc’s It FOR YOU Before You Cut It! Have you ever struggled with how to build a roof or laying out an Octagon? Well not anymore! This software will give you everything you need with with the push of a button. It makes framing house easy! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsOctagon Bay Window Rafter Construction CalculatorIrregular/Bastard Hip Roof Rafter Construction CalculatorIntroduction to the Construction Master Pro calculatorRoofing Calculator App – Setup GuideEstimating Shingles with a CalculatorComprotex Home building Roof Shingle Calculator in Excel Instructional Video

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  • Andy Mueller 1 year ago

    What a ripoff.  You might mention beforehand that you are "selling" access  to these calculators.  Don't call my telephone number, or give my address to anyone.  This kind of deception stinks.