Nutrifresh - India's Largest Hydroponic Farm

Nutrifresh is India’s Largest Hydroponic Farm, spread across 10acres of Land in outskirts of Pune, in front of Purandar fort. Nutrifresh produces all the exotic veggies with covered environment, no pesticides, no residue and no soil as well.

The exotic veggies are grown in RO water and cocopeat and adequate amounts of water nutrients are given to the plants.

Nutrifresh is a concept where modern farming techniques are used. We would soon start the AgriTourism for our customers. We are catering to twin city of Pune and Mumbai.

Contact on 9923500067 if you want to under this modern concept or want to buy Nutrifresh Hydroponic Exotic Veggies
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Nutrifresh – India's Largest Hydroponic Farm

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