Nutrient Solutions  Aeroponics /  Peat Based

Time to get the new Med X Tower growing,
The new 4 plant aeroponic growing system …
Going to be using different nutrient solutions for the 2 different systems, aeroponics/ Air and water , Pro Mix, a peat based growing medium…
Grow Your Own
Grow In peace…

Nutrient Solutions Aeroponics / Peat Based

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  • Ben Wilson

    Nutrients are key I guess I wanted to see what would happen so I grew a plant for over 9 months 6 and half months of veg and 2 and half months of flower using just tap water and all I got was 6 grams of flower. Was my first time ever growing one so I'm sure I did more wrong than just the tap water but the plant looked healthy the whole time.

  • Aaron Alden

    Captain Jack's Dead Bug Brew. Stuff is amazing. I swear by the stuff. Its a bacteria found in an abandoned distillery, so completely organic.

  • henk joa

    You look alot healtier man you are my obi wan when it comes to growing your own I live in the netherlands and I was so Lucky to get some karma genetics strains from ward but im looking for a original gsc strain maybe you could get me in contact with some People my email is: keep up the work you do love you man

  • stanton teo

    Hi there! I really like your videos, I learned a lot about the plant from your videos, I was really hoping you can make a video about planting cannabis from the start, because Im trying to grow my own, I know you've done it before but I just need more details about it, I've searched the web for answer but it's really hard to get the answer I want because there's just too many opinion, so I wanted to go to you for answer because you're already a successful grower, so I would love to learn from you in your videos, such as what kind of soil, and water pH etc.

    Thanks ! Keep up the good work!

  • Roll-in-peace .420

    Pure fantastic videos . I subed up last year and was hooked the content is great …

    I took on some sick sour diesel clones and trying the save them .. any help . Tips would be great follow the progress of our new page … one love growers

  • SoFlo Gro

    Great info as usual! I'm just about to harvest my first grow. Just started my channel. I owe ya one bud! Thanks for all the great vids… They've helped me out a ton!!! Learned so much… Cheers!

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