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Nurses tell why they take Juice Plus+ and why they recommend it to anyone that doesn’t get enough fruits and vegetables in their diet every day. Video Rating: / 5 Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts4 Doctors Speak About Juice Plus Benefits Visit For Info On Juice PlusIs Juice Plus+ Worth It? Hear What Our Partners Have To SayWhat is Juice Plus? A Nutritionist overviewIs Juice Plus good for diabetics ? | Life LineTower Garden by Juice Plus on The Balancing ActHow Juice Plus is Made? Juice Plus

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  • Rimane Griskeviciute 1 year ago

    My sister never phrases anything but she swears by juice plus! I started 2 days ago, excited!

  • mary benford 1 year ago


  • Abigail Ikhuenbor 1 year ago

    It's quiet expensive

  • S.kipgen Kipgen 1 year ago

    If i want to get the medicine how can i get it.

  • Blooming Accents 1 year ago

    I don't know how any of you can waste your money on this and believe one thing they say. RIDICULOUS

  • Katerina Vejsadova 1 year ago

    Loving these products… helped me so much with my chronic illness

  • nickson kariisa 1 year ago

    Let's do this

  • Daniela Borzos 1 year ago

    love juice plus ❤

  • AuntyM66 1 year ago

    Sounds like Trevo

  • Arron W 1 year ago

    take the water out??? Did you know chemicals work because they are side by side (on a microscopic level) with each other. When you take one chemical away from its natural envioronment then it eityher stops working or it takes a different effect. Full spectrum consumption is a good example of this.

  • SandraMaci kings 1 year ago

    is juice safe to take after embryo transfer? Any answer, please I want to know. Thanks all.

  • clearviewmind 1 year ago

    I just don't eat much fruit & veg, especially fruit. I can look at it, but fond it very difficult to pick up and eat. For this reason alone I take juice+ I'll still eat the same usual amount of fruit & veg as I always have done, but with this added extra just to know I'm getting all my body needs. Investment in the self is key for me – because I'm worth it! 🙂

  • Ellen Krieger 1 year ago

    Health is all about transforming the way we think. It challenges us to do one thing to make a difference such as drink more water.

  • Geraldine McArdle 1 year ago

    Juice plus is just great your money well spent

  • JP33 1 year ago

    Fair play to people making money off Juice Plus but Its a bit of shame because it's such an average product and tests prove this. It makes me cringe to listen to people put it on a pedestal when they're just thinking of money. People will continue spending a fortune for a product that won't truly benefit them any more than a similar cheaper product that the salesman/woman can't make any money off. Now I'm going to drink juice plus to recover my fingers after this long essay lolz

  • Sarina Van den Abeele 1 year ago

    I'm taking juice plus and i can't live without it anymore 🙂 I'm fitter, feeling healthier and my skin looks so much better 😀

  • Cindy Church 1 year ago

    This is so exciting!  

  • Gena Edie 1 year ago

    I'm currently looking for health minded, caring, people/Nurses to join me

  • Irv Gotti 1 year ago

    Its too expensive 60 capsules last you 15 days wtf

  • Vova Zakirev 1 year ago

    Good day! I'm Nick.I did -10 lbs last one month.Go to

  • Michell Kotznur 1 year ago

    Warum klatschen die wie dolle