North Texas courtyard landscape design

The scenery of North Texas is not difficult! Learn how to create the most beautiful yard in the block! The climate in northern Texas can be harsh, but the right plants and design principles can be used to create a lush family landscape. Go through design examples from start to finish with a professional landscape architect, and get inspiration for all types of stunning landscape designs. Understand: • The basic principles of landscape design • How to consider the needs and characteristics of the landscape • The best types of plants suitable for various situations • How to maintain the landscape and pruning plants • Need less water and maintenance • Garden functions and installation skills in this virtual course On-site recording will take place on July 1, 2020. The speaker is Toni Moorehead, a master gardener in Tarrant County and a North Texas landscape business owner. If you have any questions about landscape or water conservation in North Texas, please contact Visit to learn about TRWD conservation organization’s future live events! This recording is provided to you by the Tarrant Water District. To learn more about TRWD’s water conservation efforts and water conservation tips, please visit To learn more about TRWD’s mission and the work we do, please visit .


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