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Watch new volunteer Justin talk about his plans to help local people and communities grow their food. Video Rating: / 5 Patrick O’Connor-Marer presents this introduction to pesticides for the home gardener to a UC Master Gardener class. It includes discussions on pesticides types, formulations, toxicity, and how they work. This 90-minute presentation was recorded in the Sacramento Valley of California. Lecture outlines, quizzes and additional UC Master Gardener information can be found online at Series: “California Master Gardener Lecture Series” [3/2003] [Agriculture] [Show ID: 7162] Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsMinnesota Master Gardeners: Research and OutreachNE. TN. Master GardenersMaster Gardeners’ serene oasis on the FairgroundsQuick look at our Master Gardeners volunteersMaster Gardeners Arboriculture & Plant DiagnosisMaster Gardeners Visit Andalusia

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  • Muhammad Salman 2 months ago

    nice informative lecture

  • Jorge Hernández 2 months ago

    Thank you very much for share, Interestig!

  • Scott Garnett 2 months ago

    Interestingly, chemical weapons like sarin, tabun, and VX gas are organophosphates.  If it helps, think of these nerve agents as "insecticide for humans."

  • CAMasterGardener 2 months ago

    So important for home gardeners to understand the use of pesticides and what they contain.

  • Brandon P 2 months ago

    My retired father works at a golf course part time, cuts grass in the mornings. His bosses who are the greens-keepers work with these chemicals all the time. They are both in their early 40's, both have had lymphoma cancer. Coincidence???

  • S McCumsey 2 months ago

    So the containers are hazardous but releasing this into the environment isn't?…..Anybody thinking? Apparently the zombie apocalypse has already happened just not the way you thought.

  • Erika Martin 2 months ago

    Please make the US government to make it illegal to use pesticides!!! Let them use lady bugs or other things that will eat the pest

  • Luke DiFilippo 2 months ago

    Excellent lecture…I'm a golf course greenskeeper and will watch these videos for a good review lesson. You never can have too much training/knowledge in this field of science!

  • genomicmedicine 2 months ago

    Various cancers, infertility, gender choices…all related to these toxic chemicals. Unfortunately most people are not trained in environmental toxicology…so they have no background to understand how dangerous these chemicals are. I bet this presenter is on the payroll of chemical companies that make these horrible products.

  • 耕平石村 2 months ago

    very informative talk!! I like it!

  • joe smith 2 months ago

    Wow long video, thanks for the upload.

  • Sarah Isaacs 2 months ago

    LOVED the video, i watched it non stop, i learned so much, that becasue of you- i want to create a pesticide!!!
    i love yu mr teacher dude yu are my hear, like millions of millions of lives and be saved,

  • iosuVakerizzo 2 months ago

    great stuff, thanks for sharing!