If we are lucky enough to have a green area where there is a swimming pool or are looking for an outdoor floor that has high safety qualities even when wet, then the ideal solution is to choose a non-slip coating. On the market there are many types, with different colors, shapes and sizes and with our cards you can deepen your knowledge of this particular type of coating to buy the one that best suits your needs.

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  • How to choose non-slip tiles for outdoors

    Example of outdoor porcelain stoneware
    To choose the most suitable flooring to furnish your exteriors, you need to find a material that meets specific requirements. The outdoor flooring must be non-slip, waterproof

  • Non-slip tiles

    Non-slip outdoor tiles
    The modern anti-slip tiles for outdoor environments are designed not only with a rough surface, for greater adherence, but also with smooth surfaces treated with matting and anti-slip elements.

  • Pool tiles

    Pool liner
    The tiles for swimming pools must guarantee a long life, despite being constantly exposed to the elements, and to the pool water, which is generally rich in chlorine and other chemical substances.

  • Flooring for swimming pools

    Flooring for swimming pools
    Unlike internal tiles, which usually have simple shapes and colors, outdoor flooring for swimming pools can make the pool perimeter elegant and unique. They can be

  • Pool flooring

    Aged limestone style flooring
    Pool flooring, furniture and safety of the same, are one of the most important things we must look at when we lend ourselves to install it inside our home. In fact it is preferable

  • Outdoor flooring

    Outdoor terracotta flooring
    When paving a terrace or a garden, a series of factors must be considered, such as the size of the area to be tiled, the atmospheric agents to which the area is most exposed

  • Non-slip tiles for outdoors

    Non-slip tiles for outdoors
    In the wetter and colder seasons the floor outside your home could be a danger due to the ease of slipping. To overcome this problem, the market offers piast models

  • Pool tiles

    Pool tiles
    Pool tiles should be chosen based on technical parameters, such as resistance, anti-slip properties and ease of cleaning. The materials are the same as those used for the pia

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Non-slip outdoor floors

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