NO TILL Back to Eden Method Homesteading Organic Vegetable Gardening Soil Building with deep mulch – wood chips for beginners 101, Pt 8. Soil improvement . Also How to build healthy soil – You can use composting leaves too.
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NO TILL B2E Method Organic Vegetable Gardening Soil Building with mulch for beginners 101. Pt 8

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  • Roy Klevmyr

    I want to thank you for all your posts, I really enjoy them. I am getting ready for my 2nd year gardening. I will actually be starting a new area that has nothing growing in it for years. It is the end of July, and I am in Central California. I hate to wait until the fall leaves come (very end of November) so was thinking of tilling the top 1 – 1 1/2 inches of dirt so I can sow a cover crop. The idea then would be to crimp the cover crop in November and then cover with fall leaves. Any suggestions of what I might do different? Thanks again for all of your videos, you are an inspiration.

  • helle hansen

    Hi Mark, very interesting as usual. I'm learning a lot from you about cover crops and building soil. A question not pertaining to soil, do you prune your peach trees or just let them grow as they see fit?

  • kitsurubami

    Hi Mark. Thank you for the video as always. On your last video about the peach trees you told me about how weed plants are not mycorrhizal friendly. At that same time I was doing a little experiment trying to educate my father about how most plant roots are beneficial to each other when mixed. He is paranoid about plants crowding out each other. I planted Purple Queen, Aloe Vera, a pepper plant, and Purslane into a single pot. After I read what you told me about the roots of weed plants, I researched the subject some and decided that weed roots basically compete with mycorrhizal roots. In the experiment I was doing, Purslane is a weed. Sure enough yesterday I checked all the plants in that experiment pot and none of the Purslane cuttings took root. Purslane cuttings normally root aggressively. I believe the other plants and the healthy mycorrhizal system in their roots suppressed the Purslane.

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