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NO TILL Back to Eden Method Homesteading Organic Vegetable Gardening Soil Building with deep mulch – wood chips for beginners 101, Pt 7. Soil improvement . Also How to build healthy soil – You can use composting leaves too. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsNO TILL B2E Method Organic Vegetable Gardening Soil Building with mulch for beginners 101. Pt 8NO TILL B2E Method Organic Vegetable Gardening Soil Building with mulch for beginners 101. Pt 6True NO TILL Organic Vegetable Gardening with mulch for beginners 101. Pt 7True NO TILL Homesteading Organic Vegetable Gardening with mulch for beginners 101. Pt 6WHY No Till Gardening Works Best with living roots, Organic Vegetable gardening for beginners 101.Raised Bed Gardening For Beginners. Site Selection, Organic Soil and Mulch

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  • Roy Culpepper 6 months ago

    Any thoughts on corn for a 5 foot diameter bed? All other veggies I have figured out. My guess would be about 12 stalks in the bed. Is that enough to get pollination for all?

  • OneYardRevolution | Frugal & Sustainable Organic Gardening 6 months ago

    I love your approach, Mark! I'm looking forward to seeing your squash plants later this summer.

  • A'Bama Gardener 6 months ago

    Happy 4th to you and your family. Cant wait to see how you do with the squash's. Lost mine to the vine borers but its ok I get to replant this fall. Still working out my logistics on this 1st year garden but very please with my results. I'm only 5 ft and my tomatoes overgrew my 54" cages and I would say they are about 10ft tall. Thinking of doing the Florida weave next season. any suggestions? We already have 46" of rain this year but this method is handling it just fine. Happy 4th again and thanks for the tutorials.

  • Mount46Rain 6 months ago

    How are your carrots doing planted directly into the winter rye? I would love to see an update. Love the videos.

  • Krystal 6 months ago

    I never once thought about it like this. I'm using a lasagna method with straw, and clover has popped up. I love clover, and it's there to stay! I had something start to eat my potatoes, but I've left the foliage that is popping up and keep it dusted with Diatomaceous Earth. The miracle stuff 🙂 Subscribed, and thanks for the great video! I hope to once day be just as knowledgeable in my channel! 🙂

  • Donald Damron 6 months ago

    Hi Mark, Another great video and explanation of how living soil works, I love it!

  • Dawn Seevers 6 months ago

    Very interesting! I'm anxious to see how your squash do. I was going through and mulching with woodchips over some grass and weeds around some of my squashes this week and have more that are surrounded by wood sorrel that I was going to cover over too but maybe I'll let them be and see if there is any difference in how they grow. Where do you purchase your seed for clover/rye/etc?

  • Hickory Hill Homestead 6 months ago

    You don't know how thrilled I was to see this today. I was just asking myself if I would even get squash with winter rye and clover growing. I was skeptical because I know the cover crops can choke out other weeds. It made me wonder about the cover crops choking out the squash. I know you mentioned to me before that I should go ahead and plant the winter rye as well as a few buckwheat seeds here and there. Should I go ahead and put in some clover as well?

  • Ali Baba 6 months ago

    hi mark ik had een vraagje over planten. . kan ik de pompoen ook in potten beginnen daarna uitplanten in me tuin

  • Matthew Pidge 6 months ago

    Mark, your videos are awesome!

    I'm a new farmer (5 year gardener) and I'm in the process of setting up new beds (30'x100'). I'm getting overwhelmed / confused from watching too many videos on how to build soil. My current and only bed, I killed in the early spring (with silage tarp) and tilled (to break up the bottom soil clay) packed on new compost and wood chips and have been feeding it compost tea (it's performing OKAY, no great)

    What would you recommend I do to create the next bed? I'm tarping it at the moment to kill the weeds. Once that is done should I just pile on leaves and chips in the fall? import a ton of compost and soil? grow cover crops and mow them in the spring? (I only have a BSC tiller and ride on lawnmower for equipment) Ideally I'd like to be growing in this next bed for spring of 2018.

    Thanks so much in advance!

  • Perma Pen 6 months ago

    I planted a bed with all the cover crops to see what happens (no squashes planted this year) – very interesting (and a little alarming for allotment committee). Next year I'll do the same and add some squash seeds. The cover crops do seem to provide a home for slugs, though, so I'll put in plenty of seeds.

  • Carlota Chmielewski 6 months ago

    Help me understand, by encouraging diversity of beneficial bugs and planting in a natural area you will encourage predatory action on the bugs that are pests. Is there a predator insect that targets the squash bug? The squash bug in particular?

  • bigh650 6 months ago

    good info again
    be well

  • aintskairt olskol 6 months ago

    mark been loving your show,have watch the side by side of leaves and chips,,im really interested in how you are gonna o with these squash vine boer ,i been wiped out 2 years in a row now,,also,with the chips do you have any problems with snakes and scorpions in the chips,,im in south texas and its a real problem here,,my main problem is the rough snake,they eat all my worms and skaire the crap out of you,,the cover crops seems like a great idea,,but there is the snakes again,got a magic bullet for this problem

  • norweavernh 6 months ago

    Great tips Mark. I wanted to let you know how I successfully fought squash bugs so far this season and have been much more successful harvesting. The borers are now taking some hold but I am happier than in past years without spraying. Tons of dill, dill and more dill along with peppermint. My squash is doing great, but the brassicas without dill and peppermint eaten to death.

  • Zelphia Ellerson 6 months ago

    Thanks so much for your videos. I have a small backyard and am looking for easier ways of growing both flowers and veggies. You've shared some great information!

  • joe bolan 6 months ago

    I like it!

  • TheEmptynester 6 months ago

    Hi, Mark. The sunflower is beautiful. I am glad to see all of your plants are doing well. You should have ripe tomatoes in no time. Happy 4th to you too. E 🙂

  • Richard Portelli 6 months ago

    Great work again Mark, that sunflower plant is gorgeous!

  • Roy Culpepper 6 months ago

    Great video series and anxious to follow thru the summer and fall. Thinking of using some wheat straw in the place of leaves for some raised beds. This straw is damaged and has started the decomposition process. What's your thoughts on that?