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  • Roger Weir

    I had a whole bunch of squash seed planted in a manure pile….They grew up good but then the squash bugs hit them and destroyed them. I sprayed the plants but it was too late. 🙁

  • Gordon Booth

    Mark is giving extremely good advice…..So good to hear some one else say out plant them! I don't like to disturb the natural balance even with organic products. I get good results and close by neighbors have to spend a lot constantly trying to maintain. Producing show winning vege growers can windle down from a couple of thousand plants to get the perfect one. So to plant a few more seeds to ensure, is a great way forward to having great organic crop's with no babysitter. Spiders are like neem….. Thanks again

  • Mark Jennings

    What do you think about growing wheat and saving the seed to plant again? Or will this even work? I am new to to the no till idea.

  • Cee be

    Someone elsewhere mentioned planting squash where radish was just harvested, seems there is a natural repellent somehow.

  • Peace Pocket Mama

    Mark I planted mammoth sunflowers in a former pasture area that I want to convert to a garden.
    Sunflowers are doing well… along with fescue, foxtail, cheat grass and barley. Should I pull out or
    cut down the grasses, etc? I want this area to be a flower bed eventually…

  • Meesho 21

    Hi Mark, I went to my garden this morning. I was shocked, half of my plants ( tomatoes, cukes zucchini, eggplants,etc) are dead. I have an infestation of grubbs., they are eating everything. any Idea how to get rid of them organically? thanks, Mike.

  • MyLearner1

    Was that goldenrod sharing the shot with your thistle? I planted some in a perennial bed and find it's coming up this year more than a hundred feet away from the original site. Mistake? Does it have a purpose other than color splash?

  • West Coast Notebook

    I have raised garden beds and planted winter rye this year. I was following your method of no till but it appears that living on the west coast of Canada where it is a little wetter, that I created a huge slug problem. Think the method is great, but do you have any advice for slugs that have devastated my garden. This is the first year I've ever had them in my beds.

  • Matthew Niedbala

    Fixation balansa clover is the fastest growing legume I've ever seen. Check it out. Also try to do cover crop mixes. I heard it helps soil microbes live better.

  • Ian Singh

    So how many years do you think you can keep the winter rye growing to keep getting more mulch from the first sow of seeds, and what is the best method for prolonging the life of your rye, for example cutting or crimping. I really like the idea of not having to import bio material for mulch and improving your soil at the same time with the living root, but don't know if I should let the rye go to seed every other year and collect it or if it will grow indefinitely with some care, sorry for the long question but you seem very knowledgeable in this method.

  • David Bradley

    vine borders in squash. I saw a companion planting video that gave a plant to put among the squash that repels them. I think it is onion, but not sure.

  • Hickory Hill Homestead

    Great information! Thanks a lot. I do have a question. Is there something I can plant as a cover crop NOW with my squash which I plan to put in next week? I am learning a lot watching your videos. Keep them coming.


    That must be a real blessing to be living on and have all that land to farm. You are truly an inspiration. I really appreciate your commitment to integrity and growing with nature instead of trying to manipulate nature and play God. There is a way that seems right to man but his pathway leads to destruction. Keep up the good work of faith. Blessings to you!

  • DIY Gardener

    All the people I see using hairy vetch as a cover crop, will roll it to crush the stems; then wait 3 weeks for it to dry up and get crispy, so it doesn't tangle up in the moving parts of their mechanized machinery. Im not sure if that helps any small scale growers deal with its tangle aspect, but rolling the crop may be an efficient way to terminate its annual growth before replanting crops that willtake over. Of course if the vetch matures enough to drops seed, thats a whole different issue as it may take two seasons of rolling to deal with the resurgence of seed from the season prior to rolling.

  • A'Bama Gardener

    Hi Mark, thanks for mentioning the vine borers. I don't use pesticides either was using tweezers to pluck them out but they got ahead of me this my 1st year. seen some videos on pantyhose and aluminum foil. Just gathering ideas for next planting

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