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Sharon from demonstrates Vertical Garden Trellis, the easy to install, extremely versatile and attractive solution. No drill, rust and break resistant innovation is available in any colour to match your fence. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsTry galvanised steel mesh for your vertical gardenGrow a Vertical Vegetable Garden in a Small Space with Hog Wire FencingGreen Roof Garden with Carpet Grass & Stainless Steel WireAplocalypse proof fence – steel tubing and ipe wood built around steel planter boxesVertical Gardening – Simple Ideas for a Vertical Vegetable GardenSimple Vertical Garden Ideas | Small Vegetable Garden #1

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  • Mathan Kumar Ponnusamy 6 months ago

    Can you tell me how much weight the wall can withstand? I have the same type of wall and can i hang multiple pots all over?

  • oodleyboo 6 months ago

    Thank you clever lady