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He seemed really good about the whole experience….my new helper! Video Rating: / 5 This campus gardening project has done more than teach students about the fundamentals of organic gardening. It’s taught life lessons about interdependence, caring for the environment, and the value of hard work. Read more about these middle school students who grow their own lunch: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow It’s Made S18E02 – ndustrial Wire Ropes – Living Walls – Large Format Cameras – GemstonesFarm to School: Gardening enhances nutrition and learning for studentsHow Gardening Enables Interdisciplinary LearningService Learning Week – Gardening Day 1Blackburn Learning GardeningLearning color with farm elements, incorporating gardening into the education children

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  • A great model for other schools to start taking on =)

  • PeaceProfit 1 year ago

    Gardener Stooped in prayer like reverence, head bowed with gracious and intent peace, hands clasping new life unto soils cradle, this cultivating soul ponders the reaches of nature, delves into her ingenuity, marvels at the wonderment of life’s tenacious dedication, their quiet rapport professed in serene mannerism and temperament, grant testimony of a profound attachment, weaving the fibers of creation and tradition upon our terrestrial loom, the gardeners spirit constitutes the essence

  • rayjayvids 1 year ago

    Interesting and well made video

  • PainChaud 1 year ago

    This is such a great thing to teach kids!