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The lecture explored design detail in landscape architecture as it relates to conceptual ideas, development and making in landscape architecture and the accompanying practices of seeing, judging and thinking by the individual designer. It examined the theories, conditions, forms and styles that inform contemporary built design and implementation practices. The thesis to be presented is that a landscape design and detail design is worked out—conceived, developed and made tangible—within the formal structures and technical practices of a ‘poetics of construction.’ The manipulation of the medium gives birth to and shapes ideas in the contemporary practice of landscape architecture. The lecture explored the concerns of ecology, place and genus loci, style, design inspiration and referencing in landscape detail as well as the pragmatic issues of materials, material combinations and detail design language and identity. Reference was made to current teaching at the GSD, research and a book project titled ‘The Poetics of Landscape Construction.’ DESCRIPTION HOW TO DO LANDSCAPE DESIGN AROUND YOUR GARDEN WITH STONES AND PALLET WOODS. In this video I will teach you HOW TO DO LANDSCAPE DESIGN AROUND YOUR GARDEN WITH STONES AND PALLET WOODS in your backyard. I have other videos as well on How to grow radishes from seeds, How to grow green onions from seeds, how to grow spinach from seeds and much much more. Gardening and growing your own food in a container or gardening in your backyard is easy and fun. You can do it on your balcony or roof top as well. I teach organic gardening. I teach how to grow your greens, your oxygen carrying food in your own backyard. Grow anything! All you need is little bit of soil, some seeds and some water. Prepare your soil first, use home made compost from your vegetables and fruit peels, egg shells, […]

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  • wattamutt 1 year ago

    Thank you for the uploads! We appreciate them all! Not all of us can afford high price landscape professionals to come to our homes. Most of us gardeners would rather do it ourselves anyway. Just ignore the negative comments and block them. Please keep posting because we enjoy them. I would like to see your whole garden. And some updates on the progress of your fruit and veggies

  • Home Garden and Fashion 1 year ago

    Hi Friends Please do not leave a nasty comment. I am not a business. I am just trying to grow my own organic food. This design is just to keep the soil inside my garden.
    If you own a big landscape business that is fine, but I am just a person who enjoys growing my own food.