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This is my newest verticle hydroponic system built to grow lettuce for restaurant and farmers market sales. It uses Crop King NFT (nutrient film technique) channels spaced horizontally on an A-frame to provide optimum water, oxygen and nutrients to the roots of each plant. The plants seem to be doing very well with 2 400 watt metal halide grow lights. The current setup can grow 270 perfect heads of lettuce a month. FaceBook: The Lettuce People Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsLED vs T5 in Vertical NFT Hydroponic System by The Lettuce PeopleLED vs T5 NFT Hydroponic System Trial Update by The Lettuce PeopleVertical Hydroponic System || Hydroponic Lettuce108 NFT hydroponic system, summer lettuce harvest, preppers survivalBuilding a Home Hydroponic Lettuce Systemhydroponic indoor lettuce check in NFT system

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  • Vijay Anand 4 years ago

    I was wondering why you decided to do the setup this way. instead of putting the two blocks back to back, making it an A frame, and that would also solve the problem of the top rows getting ample light?

  • Philipp Bystrevskiy 4 years ago

    плюс в том что вода не зацветет, но все равно слишком затратно.

  • Kevin Jenkins 4 years ago

    wont it be cheaper to buy lettuce

  • antonio alavez 4 years ago

    Where you bought the square pvc

  • vape guy 261 4 years ago

    katie good job i love growing  plants  i am growing perennials plants  i just started a few days ago and i hope they come up just trying to find out how far do i want my light from the seeds to get them to grow

  • 1mtstewart 4 years ago

    great job! nice innovation! keep exploring and sharing please!

  • montroserealestate 4 years ago

    So how did the system work?  Most importantly was the one light adequate.  We are growing vertically in multi level towers, but it takes a lot of light fixtures.  Hoping to cut back on light need.  Thanks.

  • HekZiik 4 years ago

    what size reservoir is that?

  • rambo mando 4 years ago

    Does the water have to flow all day and night ( 24/7 )?

  • darkfire1622 4 years ago

    So this might sound dumb: I've seen a few of these A frame designs out there. Why couldn't you just put all of your troughs on the ground next to each other and still have the same footprint?

  • darkfire1622 4 years ago

    So this might sound dumb: I've seen a few of these A frame designs out there. Why couldn't you just put all of your troughs on the ground next to each other and still have the same footprint?

  • justgivemethetruth 4 years ago

    That system is cute in a major way …. but does it work?

  • Northys Urban Hydro 4 years ago

    Awesome Setup ! Nice and detailed explanation, would be doing a similar setup soon for lettuce .

  • James Walker 4 years ago

    Hi there, How much difference in flow rates are you getting between the top level and the lower? How much did you plan and mitigate for this?
    Nice clear video,

  • Gabriel Tariman 4 years ago

    You can also get a heat gun and warm up the end of the downspout and bend the end in a way where water won't leak. It's pretty easy. It shouldn't take you more than a minute per end. It's similar to pinching the end of a paper towel tube. If you have longer channels instead of 10ft channels, there are downspout connectors available. Instead of sealing the ends, you'll just connect them like legos. 

    If you want it 100% seal, then add a large bead of silicone, but there's no point since it's a NFT system, and you're only going to have low level of water. 

  • Gabriel Tariman 4 years ago

    Love the cropking setup, but for large expansion, don't you think they get pretty expensive? To cap the end of the downspout, I was thinking of using regular foam and sealed with silicone. They sell large ones in homedepot. 
    It might not be the best idea if you're going to have it outside in the sun though, but it should last many years indoors. If they break, it would only cost cents to repair. 
    If you're planning on placing them outdoors, you can try making your own white acrylic sheets and cutting them with a jig saw or dremel. Might be more expensive, but very durable and waaaay cheaper than cropking. 

  • MalawisLilleKanal 4 years ago

    Nice setup, but I'm thinking you would be better of using LED's even though you have to pay more.

    Less heat to worry about and you'll spend a lot less in the long run with the reduced power consumption.

  • Eric Hendrickson 4 years ago

    Nice setup. How do you keep the CropKing end caps from leaking? Did you glue them to the channel?

  • BROTHER RAY 4 years ago

    Blessings. I'm a Christian Farmer Pastor and we trying to grow fresh food for the poor people in our area to add to our regular can food, Food Pantry. Can you please let me know where I can get the Channels, and the rest of the equipment we will need to start,than we try to get donations so we can get all this.  I believe is beautiful what you doing great plan, go for it, I know you will do it at commercial level  pretty soon. Keep The Good Work. God Bless You! My E Mail is B r o t h r a y i n J e s u s [ a t ] p r i e s t [ d o t ] c o m . I will be waiting for your answer please!

  • Michael Heery 4 years ago

    the more i look at hydroponics and aquaponics the more i get confused,.