“It’s that love, that courage, that generosity of spirit that makes this country so beautiful.”

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo reads a letter from a farmer in Kansas who sent him an extra N95 mask he didn’t need for a doctor or nurse who did. https://abcn.ws/2xOfXo6

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo reads Kansas farmer's letter who donated extra N95 mask | ABC News

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  • lisa Mcdonald

    In Order hope for, imagine a future for our up and coming generations, I like so many of the majority of American masses are poor, undereducated (defined by intention? of design? economics? That Doesn't matter, "It's Where We Are", It's A Fact!", As you say "What are we going to do about it?", "What is The best solution?". Fact: The Majority of Americans by Population, are Poor, Under Educated, Do Not have High School Diplomas, Have the Basest of Education. "Everyman, Woman, Gender, Ethnicity, Age, Differently Abled American public have to believe that you go rogue or off writer prepared Q&A sheets in your public statements and interviews with the press Gov. Cuomo. Why? American History shows that In times of National, Global Crisises caused by nature chaos or intentional design? economics? The Most disliked, weakest of presidents have "Stood Up, Spoken" and "Met The Moments" with words Of Hope, Encouragement, plans of actions, options and finally Resolutions. Sir, You Articulate These so well. Please Consider a well thought out plan of action for a presidential term?. Do Not Consider This if circumstances would tarnish Your public/personal history, Certainly not at your expense. Sincerely, Lisa McDonald. I am registered voting, 59yr.old, American born citizenship, female, Mother, Grandmother from California, USA.

  • Joshua Pike

    As a moderate conservative which the farmer probably leans as well in a time like this he proves identity politics doesn’t matter to true American patriots in the end. The mask should signify the beginning of the end of the extreme left and extreme right. Because you know what?!? All of us Americans want the same thing and deserve it but we have let the representatives in DC slowly strip us of our basic rights. Hopefully we can all come together and progress.

  • Fatima Vences

    This farmer is a real citizen, not like the others who protest and disobey against the goverment because they think that the pandemic it's fake. Thank you Dennis, be safe!

  • Melinda Johnson

    Such a beautiful snapshot of humanity. Trump would have stuffed it in the trash by his desk because, "American's have everything they need. They just dont thank me enough."
    This made me glow inside and I thought how nice it would be for a station to use 15 minutes of airtime each day to show the kindness of the American next door. The American sitting at her sewing machine making homemade masks for frontline staff. The American farmer donating food to food banks. The American who checks on a compromised neighbor. On and on. I'd much rather watch them than the nightly trump rally.

  • mr toehead

    The news should ask this bonehead what is he doing to clean up the building BIO HAZARD of all these used mask where the hell are the red bio hazard bags to put the general public used mask
    s in what a dumbass this guy is maybe there.s a contrater in buffalo ny who could make some mask corupt gov