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New Roofing & Gc llc ( is a fully licensed and insured roofing contractor located in South Florida, and is capable of tackling any roof repair or roof installation job in Miami Dade, Broward & Palm Beach Counties. For a FREE estimate please call: 1-888-954-NRGC or 786-302-1107 or visit: Related PostsNew Roofing – Roof 90lb hotmop Installation and Roof tile loadingSmall Planet Tiles, eco friendly roofing, green roofing, eco friendly tilescement roof tile making machine roofing roll forming machine roof tiles mouldShingle Roofing Installation DetailedHOW TO INSTALL PLWOOD SHEATHING!.The .best installation video. Roofing videoDIY Metal Roofing Installation, Basic How-To Video

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  • BASSASist 3 months ago

    Is safety to expensive? No scaffold to catch people if they fall down? No earprotection and no glasses when working with powertool?

  • 99scholz 3 months ago

    have to admit being from the usa that europeans are light years ahead in laying tile,this job is junk,they should be ashamed of taking money for it.

  • badbri t 3 months ago

    hahaaha why didnt you show flashing install part??

  • Michael Schojer 3 months ago

    Never rains there. What a crap

  • paul davies 3 months ago

    polyfoam fixing ,,, lol what a joke ,, nice cement work though !!

  • Dino Schonhoff 3 months ago

    was das den fürn pfusch… unglaublich

  • mark kelly 3 months ago

    yanks cant lay cut or even put roof tiles on why dont they stick to their gay shingles

  • mark kelly 3 months ago

    what a bunch of cowboy pricks

  • Roofspector 3 months ago

    Nice job Plablo!