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This shows a new roof install from start to finish and things to look for and be aware of if you get a new roof. Related PostsHow To: Installing GAF Roof Deck Protection & Roofing UnderlaymentHow to install a green roof using Wallbarn M Tray clip systemHow to Install A green RoofAquaponics Rocks ( Growing Medium ) Wash Install Plant – $40 Aquaponics – Barrelponics Made EasyDIY Green Roof Installation | Living Roof | How to install green roofGreen Roofs: How to install an instant Sedum Roof SIG LiveRoof Lite – Full Length

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  • Mr504319 4 months ago

    how many acres do you have there

  • Scott Moore 4 months ago

    feltbuster and weather guard oh my God ! a new Roofing gimmick popping up all the time. it's what these people don't get is that your roof is full of nuyens and billions of nail holes. do you think Weatherguard actually seals around every stinking nail on your roof? that would be so magical freaking stuff right there. trust me I've got 20 years in repairing leaks. I've seen every type of leak known to man. I don't care what kind of felt you have if water gets under the shingles. you've got yourself a leak water is coming in your home. no ifs ands or buts about it. if water makes it to the bottom side of the shingles that's it you're screwed

  • scott carter 4 months ago

    have ya got your roof right yet ? this company did it wrong too ? wth man . id go metal but than again not sure about hail and storms in your part . hope ya get it right before winter comes

  • Sage Awesome 4 months ago

    It's been a few weeks so I imagine you're still pulling old nails out of your yard? The best is when they fall into the outside A/C unit and puncture the lines.

  • flamesfromblazer 4 months ago

    Surprisingly – america always been the most litigious country in the world quickly ended up infecting us over here in britain with your same bullshit common sense killing doctrines – I remember my father commenting on it when I was just a boy
    And yet now multi decades later you are ok to have these guys on that roof in a way that would NEVER be allowed in britain without scaffolding around the building and in a lot of cases the guys would have to be wearing tethers in case they slipped and fell as well.
    Ive always been one for minimal regulations but just imagine if one of them fell – so Im sort of feelinga bit confused now haha
    Just discovered your channel bro – its a good'un – keep up the good work ,cheers!!

  • Lo Kim 4 months ago

    Beaner job….you know they cut corners and did a shit job. Like to see video on how they did the valleys.

  • Mike Perry 4 months ago

    Would be cool if you did a video on how you come to live on this farm from being a police officer seems like a huge change

  • Han Solo 4 months ago

    So how is your amigo"s made roof coming along? They back up there work?
    I think your roof would be made better if we had a Great Southern Wall built!

  • Cyberat Rodent 4 months ago

    When it comes to housing, I know nothing beats cement & steel.

  • Janes Dough 4 months ago

    Why didn't you have a metal roof installed? I keep hearing how much longer they last. At least, they are pushing it up here in WI. Much more expensive tho.

  • Jon B 4 months ago

    I seriously can't believe that roofer sprayed overspray all over your brand new shingles painting those pipe jacks. and he didn't prep or prime the metal. that paint will be peeled off in 2 years. I'm a second generation roofing contractor and would fire a roofer if I caught him doing that. also absolutely nothing wrong with covering a hole in the sheathing with metal. Should the homeowner choose to do so, it will save him hundreds of dollars not having to rip out and replace sheathing. also don't worry about the torn paper at the ridge, the shingles wrap up over the ridge from both sides so the paper doesn't even need to be there. the pro start on the edges should have been installed with the sticky side in. the shingle nails on the edges hold the shingles down. If you look up from the ground you'll see an ugly piece of plastic on the bottom side of the prostart. I'm surprised they didn't throw crap at you while you were video taping them! handsome roof all in all. Roofing is the only thing I'm an expert on, so I had to shoot my mouth off hahaha 🙂 love your vids man

  • Jim Foreman 4 months ago

    I sold roofing at SEARS for 25 years and I would have never allowed staples, only hand-nailed.

  • Henry Guston 4 months ago

    Hey,Think Like A Cop – The Rest Of The Story! I love your video! I know this comment is marked as spam,that's because it contains a link. But could you please check out this video?

  • tyrroo 4 months ago

    GodDAMN that is a pretty roof, all gold and sparkly!

    I like all the white trim, it kinda looks like you live in a gingerbread house!

  • Pamela Schramke 4 months ago

    We had the same installation and it's amazing how you can really tell a difference in quality even to the untrained eye. We've had 86 MPH straight line winds hit our house and not a single shingle, edging, etc ever came loose. Our neighbors had some roof damage from that storm and theirs had all been replaced when ours was (massive hail damage from softball sized hail hit our area) in 2008. Our neighbors on our street ALL used the same company and even have the EXACT SAME shingles (even in the same color! LOL Talk about the company getting a bulk rate on shingles!) but we paid a premium over what insurance paid to get the premium roof and installation like this. TOTALLY worth it! While they've had small repairs done after severe storms and downbursts, we have remained untouched.

  • Da real Danimal 4 months ago

    The warranty pro rates after the 25 years and is a 50 yr warranty if you got the golden pledge. The reason the deck armor goes over the drip hedge to the gutter is for drainage. Water follows the path of least resistance

  • Susan Gardiner 4 months ago

    How long did it take to get this done?