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so that kid that came up to me at the market showed up to to measure out the roof and wait till you see what he did tomorrow bmp the new back up light is available here Subscribe to the everyday dicker’dness… be sure to check out click the store tab, help out the cause and get cooler as frig merch FREE 1puglife soundboard APP!!! check out my show on Swearnet “dicker’d up with pug” subscribe to my cheechin channel add me on facebook follow me on twitter follow me on instagram get yer official 1puglife shwag at like 1puglife entertainment on facebook send me stuff and ill mention your channel in a movie po. box 98 inwood ontario n0n1k0 thanks for watching! Subscribe to the dicker’dness… Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsOptigrPrairie Green RoofShipping container house – Green roofGreen Roof Overview by Greensulate CEO, Amy Norquist.London Eco Roof – Homeowner Slide ShowTimelapse Sharrow School Green Roof Day 2


Green Roofs



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  • nuhhhhhhh 3 months ago

    is it 4 wheel cigrit?

  • Harry 3 months ago

    shop monkey needed , is pug still in Inwood ? I thought he moved

  • Darren De Visser 3 months ago

    This is my kinda heavy tuneage for my likes!

  • dan todd 3 months ago

    u should of known better when those roof dicks were belligerent goofs when they asked to buy some "dope" BMP … that was the first clue not to hire them ffs … BMP smoke cigrits now I cheech

  • DeptOfLawEnforcement 3 months ago

    You worthless hash-smoking fuckoffs need to be arrested and jailed once and for all.

  • Dan Solo 3 months ago

    Ya You should Build a Really Smart Cool Little Cage over the Light Bar, for Protectanczie's Purposess' – for when Ya Muuuudddin'… Ya.! Ya Friggin' Should…. BMP

  • Haley C 3 months ago

    here's an idea…go fuck yourself…lmao

  • Chris Go 3 months ago

    that rear light is broken the left section is getting more power why does everything you get be defective?

  • Slednex700 3 months ago

    Did I miss what happened the side of pugs truck?

  • Tammy&Mya 3 months ago

    pug your not a bad guy all the bullshit comments this and that ppl keep waching ffs f up i dont wach stuff i hate hummm.ok big fan bud…keep it real ther bud dont let the wachers get ya

  • Tom Curley 3 months ago

    were ya get ur lights? they look like 1s on wish ap. like groupon?

  • Psycho Unicorn 3 months ago

    9:40 he tried

  • Joe Anthony 3 months ago

    you talk like your on meth…..

  • Brough Jidus 3 months ago

    Funny I say the same shit except for the lawn guys. I call em the lawn dicks.

  • Beligerance Is Bliss 3 months ago

    Here ya go Pug, when a fuck goof shows up with a smoke danglin, hat half cocked, askin if you got stuff to sell its a good indication you're gonna get a shit job and scammed.
    Just because the fuck goof has decals on his truck don't mean shit……you should of fired his tweakin ass off your property

  • YeahWeRepTheSameSmartech 3 months ago

    buddy with the lisence plate on the sti stands for Bro We Keep Joints 420

  • Canadian bud reviews 3 months ago

    where is joshaward

  • Josh Washington 3 months ago

    The opening scene on here reminded me of the original American Choppers opening scene.

  • For anyone doubting 490 to the wheels, it comes with 320 something, and i know a buddy that ran 450 on those engines..

  • excuses excuses just admit it you weld like a dick