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Come hang out in my Discord: Join the official discord for Rust map makers: Check out Snowballfred: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsThe New Roof Meta – Rust Base Building 3.2 ExploitRUST | NEW OVERPOWERED ROOF PUSHING TRICK BASENEW ROOF BUNKER – New Rust Exploit Building 3.2LIVING BETWEEN ROOF CAMPERS! – Rust SOLO Survival #7NEW Roof Ramp Exploit! | COMPLETELY Hidden Loot Room + TC! | RUST 3.0 | The ALCOVEHE’S BACK! | ANOTHER new Roof Ramp Exploit! | RUST 3.2 | The TEST TUBE

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  • Adam Bonham 8 months ago

    maybe practise the build once first so its not 3hrs long holy shit

  • DoonFoon 8 months ago

    “You lost me at single tc” I died

  • trolol whyyouwatchin 8 months ago

    Hey, i saw ur bunkering of TC's (22:10) several times in videos now but i cant grasp how that beats a 1×1 without a door? mind telling me? 😮

  • BRÀNDO 8 months ago

    It’s 3 in the morning wasn’t planning on watching the whole thing but I’m glad I did, great vid

  • Sahba Shahiriar 8 months ago

    Who the fuck needs Netflix when I can watch this madlad build for three hours.

  • ZZ'Lord 8 months ago

    You hit the roof yet again

  • deadmeh 8 months ago

    Here I made a few timestamps for interesting parts of the video I'll fill the rest out later.

    0:05:30 Quad TC base
    0:08:40 New stairs unlootable lootroom
    0:12:35 New roof bunker
    1:33:00 No TC base
    1:44:00 Multiple TC base
    1:58:15 7 TC base review
    2:08:00 Store base review
    2:09:00 Helibase critique
    2:09:40 Swastica/sauvastika review
    2:13:30 Unlootable lootroom review
    2:15:35 2×2 Multiple TC base
    2:18:47 Stability bunker review
    2:26:00 Weird roof cutout bunker
    2:27:30 Vices logo
    2:30:00 Cool roof bunker base
    2:33:36 Vice is a 300 pound black man

  • Andreas Akehag 8 months ago

    Whats the name of that building server?

  • Shawn 8 months ago

    Vice you got neat tricks in your builds but I'm not gonna watch a 3hr video of something you have explained before in a 10 minutes video. Unsubbed for now til you change your upload content.

  • D Howison 8 months ago

    I asked a question on your ‘easiest bunker base 20 rockets to main loot’ video. Tried to make it last night for first time after last update and couldn’t place near the roof. I love that base and concerned it’s been nerfed:(
    Please reply

  • Skrilex66 Nacl 8 months ago

    if u build the window walker try a small box with lantern ontop works perfectly

  • Varien 8 months ago

    gonna wait for that disstrack