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This is a sick new design and I will definitely be making more videos on it in the future. Check out Everherd: Join me on Discord: Or come to PrinceVidz’s Discord: Songs are off the album Cliffside by imprintafter Sorry for the editing glitch around 5:00, somehow there was a very loud pop that wasn’t present during recording and actually hurt if you had the volume way up. I had to trim it out with youtube after I uploaded. I was going to say “before any of the actual patches”. Related PostsThe New Roof Meta – Rust Base Building 3.2 ExploitNEW Roof Ramp Exploit! | COMPLETELY Hidden Loot Room + TC! | RUST 3.0 | The ALCOVEComprotex Home building Roof Shingle Calculator in Excel Instructional VideoLife Sciences Building: Green Roof & Teaching TerraceBuilding a Green RoofPutting A New Roof On The Old Storage Building

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  • Kingsman 1 month ago

    I used this bunker technique but we got raided and they said that they could glitch through the roof part of the base but they didn't say how.

  • Mark Virga 1 month ago

    Rewatching this video I noticed your subs is now at like 2k man. Amazing run so far in such a short amount of time!

  • MR.GUTSY™ 1 month ago

    One of the best builder i know.

  • Tymomeister 1 month ago

    dan man place roof from outside???

  • FijiWater ONLY 1 month ago

    Yo dude can you make a group bunker base? Like for 6 people abusing the new bunker tricks?

  • FijiWater ONLY 1 month ago


  • Danki_LP 1 month ago

    if u find out how to add unlootable lootroom in this base (i mean that trick with locked chests) like maybe make 3 triangle honeycomb at the end of the base and then make this lootroom, it will be sooo sick, btw one of the best basebuilders… i am enjoying it a lot

  • Cole m 1 month ago

    Very interesting and will be trying this for next wipe!

  • Solar 1 month ago

    There’s a problem with this u showed placing the twig roof from the inside but on the outside of the stairs I can’t get an angle to place it

  • Sickle 1 month ago

    Ofc you can place the roof easy if you have noclip on. For me it doesnt work from outside

  • Sickle 1 month ago

    Couldn't find this basedesign on everherds channel :/

  • CD Scratches 1 month ago

    Bro. You’re a legend. You deserve so many more subs. 😀

  • Chris Carlsen 1 month ago

    great find, but on the other bonus bases, you can shoot in and troll that player.

  • Vinbaz 1 month ago

    Good video man! Nice design

  • Deprive 1 month ago

    Great video, I'm going to love making bases with this exploit. Liked and subbed ;p

  • Angel Kirchev 1 month ago

    Base is really OP and cool, but entering is a bit aids… its difficult to place roof without noclip 🙁

  • TheBombDotCom 1 month ago

    nice build i have a few ideas that i will implement on my own version of it!

  • R Zed 1 month ago

    I cant seem to place the roof without noclip?

  • Mr Gorsky 1 month ago

    Whoa, another interesting and useful video. Thx for sharing!

  • Howmork 1 month ago

    I hope this doesnt go viral, i want to use this by myself