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  • les049

    Tried my new Boxxer when caught in torrential rain yesterday……it was dangerous ! the visor did not cleat at all and resulted in me having to ride with the visor up the rest of the way. Now I dont now whether this was a "vent" issue as I couldn't get the tiny little vent sliders to open on the chin guard so I will give it another chance ! Needless to say it doesn't seemed to have improved in this area over the previous models, a=other than it is one of the most comfortable lids I have had. Here's to hoping that this was a one off !

  • morgando2

    You are not rotating the chin bar far enough back in this demo. Youre giving the impression the chin bar stops at an up position.

  • Richard Dunn

    Two mechanisms to release the chin bar unlike a single one from every other modular maker? That doesn't seem too practical whilst riding at low speed.

  • Johnny

    It’s going to be my next helmet. Currently own a Shoei RF1200 Medium size. What does that translate too with Roof? They seem to run smaller judging by the chart. Should I order a small? 22.5in, 57cm Cheers

  • Luke Dodge

    Good to see some new content from GB… keep up the vids. Anyway new Roof looks amazing, but it seems like the shell really morphed from Intermediate to Long Oval.

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