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Pirate ship and a Zip-wire to be included in new £100,000 play park to be installed in Tower Gardens, Skegness, in time for 2016 holiday season. Councillor Adam Grist explains what the Park will include. New footage of the incredible Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales, Florida during the spring bloom. All footage was shot on the Panasonic AG-HMC40. This footage features the use of the GlideTrack HD. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsThe Natural Wonder of Bok Tower GardensGarden Design Ideas With Children’s Play AreaGarden Design Ideas With Children’s Play Area20 amazing diy ideas | Private Garden Childrens play areaInteresting Garden Ideas for Kids Play | Children’s Play AreaTurning a garden into kids friendly play area

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  • TheMagnumUK 1 year ago

    Looks good, much better than whats there now so it's good news for Skegness. It looks along a similar size to what is now at the sunshine paddling pool.

  • dmsflorida 1 year ago

    @twincitybulldog – I generally shoot in 1080p24 unless I'm shooting something I know will have a bit more motion or I know my camera moves might be a little more dynamic; then I shoot in 1080p30 to smooth the footage out a bit. No progressive footage is converted to interlaced unless you intentionally do that. Do you have some example footage that you feel has been converted interlaced? Where do you feel this conversion is happening – in your editing software or during your YouTube upload?

  • Walter Coleman 1 year ago

    I asked you a question on your other Bok Video and you said you usually shoot in 1080p. My question is do you shoot 1080 24p or 1080 30p. It looks like the 30p is actually converted to interlaced. Hope you can clear that up for me. i have the same camera and can't make a determination on what is the best shooting modes. I live in Winter Haven by the way.
    Your videos are quite good. Thanks.

  • dmsflorida 1 year ago

    @Glidetrack – thanks! We're quite impressed with our Glidetrack and are finding uses for it on about every shoot! It's a quality product and provides a great alternative to tripod and dolly shots.

  • Glidetrack 1 year ago

    Nice job guys!

  • dmsflorida 1 year ago

    @kq4ym – Thanks! This was my first shoot with the GlideTrack; I like the possibilities it offers and look forward to continued practice with it.