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Introducing Oxygen Pots new Collapsible Reservoirs. These reservoirs are more efficient and much easier to set up than their predecessor. They come in three sizes, 105 gal, 60 gal, and 25 gal. The new collapsible design is perfect for storing between grows, while making it easy to move and reestablish your oxygen pot system. These reservoirs are the strongest and toughest on the market. With new Tip Proof technology no other reservoir compares. Designed for the Oxygen Pot system but works with most hydroponic set ups. Everything you need to grow plants indoors ► Social Media: Facebook: ► Instagram: ► Twitter: ► Related PostsOxygen Pot Systems Review – Best Hydroponic Grow SystemThe World’s Best Hydroponic Oxygen System “KANA-chan”New Hydroponic System! “Oxygen Pot Systems” Available At Holland IndustryAir Stone Setup for Hydroponic Growing – Oxygen Is Plant FoodPA Hydroponics 4 Plant Fallponic Waterfall RDWC Setup with Reservoir Outside 4×4 TentOxygen Not Included | Ep1 S4 | Hydroponic Farming!! | Agricultural Upgrade Update

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