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20 likes?! ___ Hey guys I know I haven’t uploaded in awhile but here’s a new video of me unboxing my brand new OpTic Gaming Greenwall Scuf controller that I won in a Twitter giveaway! Please leave a like, comment, and subscribe if you enjoy the video. Also any constructive criticism will be appreciated! I also want to thank Scuf and OpTic gaming for providing me with a free controller! SUBSCRIBE: ● Follow me on Twitter: ● Follow me on Twitch: ● — OpTic Greenwall Scuf Controller 4PS Unboxing @ScufGaming @OpTicGaming OpTic Greenwall Scuf Controller 4PS Unboxing @ScufGaming @OpTicGaming OpTic Greenwall Scuf Controller 4PS Unboxing @ScufGaming @OpTicGaming Video Rating: / 5 Wrote this song for one of our favorite MLG teams. I wrote this as if I was looking out the eyes of one of the great OpTic players. Hopefully they hear it and enjoy… #GreenWall Lyrics Below: XplicitOpsGaming is recruiting for ages 17+ if you want to join: (I only put this out there because our site is getting hit pretty hard with applicants). [Chorus x2] One foot in front of the other One beat after another It’s time to now discover Who I am, who I am [Verse 1] All jokes aside look me in my eyes Scuffy in my hand, OpTic in my pride I’m a nice guy but when I game that monster comes alive Modern day Jackal and Hyde sometimes I stream it live Call of Duty I eat it up like I need it to survive Cuz OG we OP Me and three other guys And when we step in the arena our call outs like subpoenas One down two down, now you a believer in OPTIC GAMING And even though I’m gaming homie there’s no playing with me […]

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  • Brick Wasson 1 year ago

    You sound like optic formal

  • Eduardo Vargas 1 year ago

    this is so irrelevant but can i ask whats the background song

  • LuckyTheMagnet 1 year ago

    Got the same Controller Scuf Setup only difrence is that i got arctic n white grips

  • Sehhj 1 year ago

    20 likes my ass lol

  • RedMetalGaming 1 year ago

    Hey man what desk is that?

  • TactiC__gameR 1 year ago

    Is a round d pad worth your money?

  • B-M-N , 1 year ago

    Hey, cool vid! But where did u get that wall banner (the big one with the Optic logo) ?

  • JustDoIt 1 year ago

    Ordered mine yesterday got the default ps4 sticks cuz I like those and didnt want to spend any extra money and does PS button automatically come with the scuf logo on it?

  • Kings Consoles 1 year ago

    Congratulations , the controller looks great I was thinking of buying one for my ps4

  • Jamie D 1 year ago

    What are them speakers called

  • FactoNut 1 year ago

    that's sick and nice desk

  • Gilbert Valenz 1 year ago

    Same here man I'm getting mine this Friday my bday is on Saturday and its coming just on time it took them a long time it took them a month and a week

  • OMGitsDanny x 1 year ago

    Finally a ps4 video of this scuf 😀

  • Bluepipe 1 year ago

    Well doesnt that look cool compared to my standard black boring scuf 4ps lol.

  • Rob Jones 1 year ago

    Had my scuf greenwall 4ps on order for 2 weeks now wish they hurry the fuck up

  • Marv_Phill 1 year ago

    nice vid bro, and nice controller:)

  • Lil Mayhem 1 year ago

    Definitely subscribed

  • Lil Mayhem 1 year ago

    Are you the one that used to rap about world of warcraft ? Dude your hella badass

  • Jake Kelly 1 year ago

    its a shame that you are a decent rapper and you rap about stuff that is only seen by a small group of people , dont get me wrong the song is sick and OG is OP 

  • Banguelas 1 year ago

    KS sent me

  • rylan davis 1 year ago

    Dope song and a dope fuckin beat…..ushould be like optics hype man befire matches

  • G Rod 1 year ago

    What a song. I love it u deserve more subs

  • connor wells 1 year ago

    Kingdom solider sent me

  • ReappersGamerTag 11 months ago

    Kingdom Soldier sent me

  • tyler v 11 months ago

    Is the chorus from another song? If so can you tell me which one

  • Kingdom soldier sent me. awesome work.

  • Bumboz The Great 11 months ago

    Honestly the best song I have heard in a while I got it off itunes and is my ring tone. Love it

  • David Wright 11 months ago

    My dude just kilt the game with this song! #GreenWall

  • Kristuf Christuf 11 months ago

     Dont know which optic players eyes u r looking through, but none of them would disrespect Rambo like u did, scump was even pissed when NV dropped him saying he brings way more then people know to a team and nade invited him to stay at the optic house if he needed too.

  • Kingdom sent me I really like it

  • Raymond Hildering 11 months ago

    OG we OP 🙂

  • Unnamed 11 months ago

    Just saying that scumpii has been listening to this on his stream! Again Great job, I cant stop listening to this

  • Jon Boman 11 months ago

    Die in a fire

  • Tom Vankan 11 months ago

    Solid song! #GreenWall !

  • MajorReCoiL 11 months ago

    GET THIS ON ITUNES!!! The Ginga Ninja sent me!