New Home Scale Indoor Vertical Hydroponics Farm - Part Two

Almost done now, plumbing is done, top trays done and more. Next video will be of an operational system.

Flood tray in this video is here

Full parts list will come in a future video.
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The Italian tomato is prized around the world, but its reputation has soured in recent years over reports of mafia infiltration, slave labour and toxic fires that poison water sources. Southern Europe’s biggest hydroponics farm is out to change all that, by growing pesticide-free crops in environmentally friendly greenhouses — and getting bees to do the hard work.

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New Home Scale Indoor Vertical Hydroponics Farm – Part Two

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  • Will Bajak

    I could be wrong but watering your micro greens 12 times a day seems like a lot. I grow mine on hemp fabric and and bottom water once a day for 2 min.

  • Dennis Alan City Boy Homesteader

    TSP Question for Jack… lol
    Looking great! I am thinking of doing this in in a big south facing window in my cafe for some of our greens. Not sure if I missed thins but why are you moving the water and not regular Kratky? I thought I saw on one of the videos from Kratky that the bubbling water didn't produce any more yield. Also, could it be easier to move the whole board to the next stage of growing instead of taking out the individual pods? I imagine they'll be a bunch of roots that will be a pain to put in those little holes.

  • Chris

    love the chris stapleton in the background. Have you looked into using the 9W and 14W LEDs from Dollar tree?.. super cheap and due to LEDs.. they are very cost effective to run long term.

  • James White

    Loving this series. Wondering if you'd be interested in an experiment of Kratky vs raft in your system? Rafts don't have Kraty's air-gap, but you're aerating the water, so does aeration obviate the need for an air-gap? Monitoring water levels is far less critical for rafts, so could be simpler to operate long term. Pre-fab 2'x4' rafts are available on Amazon Beaver Plastics Lettuce Raft 28-3 Pack.

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