More to come just getting the initial planting density laid out and sorting out some technical issues at this point.

Flood tray in this video is here

Full parts list will come in a future video.

Full details about the Mother Earth News Fair in Belton

New Home Scale Indoor Vertical Hydroponics Farm – Part One

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  • SOVT

    Awesome, I was scheming up pretty much this exact set up because I didn't feel like gluing a bunch of 4 inch PVC pipe together, and you've already figured it all out!

  • Jim Buchanan

    Great idea Jack. I noticed the styrofoam has a reflective side. Would it make sense to use the reflective side facing up to reflect the light back up and increase the effectiveness of the lighting? Just a thought.

  • Gayle McArthur

    With more temperature sensitive plants, in a cold growing environment, would it help to heat the water in a system like this? Or would that have no effect if the air temperature is to cold?

  • James White

    Looking great Jack! Regarding your seed starting tray at 7:34. If you want a simple off–the-shelf solution, check out the Park Seed Biodomes. The 120 cell system is on sale right now for $40, and the refill sponges run 13-17cents each. It measures only ~20"x16" and should run 1-3mo without needing a refill. No plumbing needed and plenty of extra capacity to start your lettuce plus a bunch more. I'm going on my 7th season with the smaller 60cell systems, so can vouch for their durability. Here's a video of someone starting with a 120 cell system.

  • James Santangelo

    When you show the demo section on top of the pot (9:24) it looks like you are using the foam board with a reflective side? Would flipping the foam board over to have the reflective side up instead of below have any benefit of reflecting light everywhere?

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