Items in this video and that I use for hydroponics

Barina Grow Lights –
Centry Light Timer –
Botanicare Deep Flood Trays –
Botanicare Shallow Flood Trays
1/2″ Bulkheads –
Active Aqua Pump –
17 Gallon Tub as a Sump –
One Step fusion PVC Cement –
Corrugated Plastic Sheet –

Wire Rack I am Using from Home Depot –

For a rack if you don’t want a third layer for micro greens you can save a lot of money using this rack – with these castors

You can also use an 18 inch deep rack the flood trays are strong enough to support themselves on one with overhang to the front and back, lots of people use those with these trays for automated microgreen growing at a commercial level. So this one would work.

Other stuff I use, not all in this system but all for hydro and aquaponics

Mini Greenhouse Rack System –
2 Inch Net Pots –
Rapid Rooter Grow Plugs –

Liquid Hydroponics Fertilizer I Use –
Masterblend Solid Fertilizer –

Anything you don’t see just ask in the comments and I will add a link to it.
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New Home Scale Indoor Vertical Hydroponics Farm – Part Four

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