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Are you trying to figure out how to transform your newly built back garden into something amazing? Well, don’t be afraid! The Garden Ninja brought his important hints to the new garden design through this example of modern garden design. Garden Ninja, Manchester garden designer and blogger Lee Burkhill explained all of this. He is an RHS award-winning garden designer and a member of the expert panel of the BBC Manchester Garden Call on Saturday morning. Why not subscribe to my YouTube channel? Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Today I am in Liverpool. This is the first day of the garden redesign. This is a newly built property. If you can see if I am walking around, it has been seriously neglected. This is one of the main disadvantages of the newly built garden. So I designed a design that should increase privacy and give this garden a truly modern and modern look, so the owners can rest and relax at night without all those staring eyes looking down on them. So on the first day the lads are stripping the ground here, so I will let you know the latest developments. So the arduous landscaping work has now been completed and the plants have arrived, so today is planting day! So I have to be busy arranging these plants. Don’t forget that this is a modernist planting scheme, so my other work is more natural. This will be the color blocks of the plants and bring real popularity to this garden. Look at the gorgeousness of all this! We can imagine what all these beautiful plants in the big drift will look like when they are planted in this modernist scheme. We have some weeds to get rid of it, ignore it for now, but when it is finished and the ground is like this, we can plant it! So this is the second day of the modernist garden redesign. I just want to talk to you about Acer. So in this garden we now have three. My Japanese pronunciation may not be the best, but we have an Acer Sango Kaku behind us. We already have Acer. Saku is there, and in the far corner behind, we have a good old Acer Bloodgood. Now, when you buy Acer, don’t try to buy small samples, because it takes a long time to grow, so you want What is done is to have a real impact through a larger sample, because if not, you will wait for years. Whether it’s a leaf or a color, each of these macros has a different form, so each of them throughout the season is interesting, but when the leaves become orange, yellow, or fiery red due to falling, it’s most spectacular The interest will be important. So Acer is a good tree that can be used as a small garden and a focal point, so I am going to crack and put the rest of the plants in, now behind me we have a seating area, it is a big horseshoe shape The elevated bed and we again use the modernist block color effect, keeping it simple through planting repetition, basically attracting your eyes from the outside of the house to the garden, as if it were a space. So talking about the path of proportion is a good example, so you can see that it reflects the front door, so when you are inside, your eyes will be pulled down the path into the garden, so whenever you make the path , Make sure you take some proportions from the house, such as the width of the doors and windows, and mirror them, because it really helps bring the garden into the house. So behind me, we have two intersecting rectangular lawns. These clear lines are the key to modern garden design. Then I used color blocks on the border and some evergreen plants in Skimmia. We got Astilbe Bright pink, it doesn’t mind a little shade of Crocosmia embellishment, so I keep the two main color palettes here, they are all block colors, but then move here, we have a really modern K rendering loft bed, it is the living room The rest area of ​​the garden. So here is where we prepare tables, chairs, umbrellas, barbecue drinks and the like. All these things will be carried out here. We have embedded some lights on the floor so this area will light up even at night. I have colored blocks again on the raised bed, such as Heucheras and Stipa, just give a little texture, so it feels nested but not too overbearing, because you want to be able to see the house and other gardens and get incredible The gravel garden, they like it very much. We have the Corten steel bowl. It is a design feature, but some are for nature to stop and have a drink. Maybe we have grass to chat with our neighbors. We have the focused Acer. They will Change the point in the air and provide colors from red, yellow and green to the entire spectrum. .


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