We are back for the season with a whole NEW Wave of video’s. This this the first of MANY to COME! This was a very exciting year for Art Garden Growing System’s . Aeroponics has taken root and we are pleased to share our journey. To all the growers worldwide we would like to express our gratitude. We have advanced the growing system even further and our growers are succeeding in many NEW ways!
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NEW Farm-To-Table Vertical Aeroponics Greenhouse 2018, Revolutionary Growing With Art Garden

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  • العائلة النموذجية Ideal Family

    Hi, great job, thanks for shearing your experience with others. What kinds of nutrients do you use?

  • Javad L

    This is incredible. Keep up the good work and keep sharing your learning! My wife's family is from semi-rural China and after watching a few of your videos and getting an idea for how much you've learned, I'm seriously thinking about how to help them in building a system like this. They run a small cafe and guesthouse, as well as do small scale farming, and this system could sustain all the needs for what they have going on. I've never heard of aeroponics gardening before watching some of your videos, but I'm definitely gonna learn some more now. Thanks!

  • Chris Powell

    Good to have you back, can you provide us an update of things you’ve learned over the years for us beginners concerning aeroponics? I first caught your videos awhile back.

  • MetalGearMk3

    Nice to have you back! I've been pulling my leg on buying Art Garden, well do so asap. Finding space for it might be the biggest problem. Beautiful produce!

  • Mike Powell

    Very nice my friend! Happy to see new update from you. I’ve been studying about vertical aeroponics for the past couple years trying to learn about them. I keep coming back to your system. I think you’ve got the best one by far. I’m wanting to do something like this once I retire. Keep up the good work & hope to do business with you soon!

  • SleestaksRule

    Looks like you moved. There was just a tornado in Montello and heavy rains all around. I bet our lake goes up 4 inches, lol. Good to see a video from you.

  • Surreal Xpressions by Toby Swolley

    Great to hear from you.. What nutritional formula do you use for your aeroponics? And do they sell it?

  • Joseph F P Biendarra

    Shalom I See your Videos from the beginning Congratulation to your great upcoming. Since today I not know in which climate you are help you greenhouse please can you tell me what climate you are. What is the minimum temperature in the winter in your place.
    We life here in the mountains of Switzerland in 1600 m high and so it is interest for us to look your climate .Thank you. Shalom aleichem.

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