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Check out my new course here: The Landscape Masterclass will take your photography to the next level! This is my most comprehensive Landscape course to date. Over 8 hours of video training, where I take you on location, and show you my entire process from shooting to my full retouching workflow. Get my entire training at : TUTORIELS FRANÇAIS : =================== SUBSCRIBE FOR OTHER VIDEO TIPS AND TUTORIALS : ============================================ SUBSCRIBE TO MY PODCAST ON ITUNES: ================================== Follow me ! : ========== GOOGLE + ► FACEBOOK ► TWITTER ► Video Rating: / 5 Are you looking for a reliable Landscape Architects Perth for your residential home? Well before you go off and hire the first landscaping pool design & construction company you come across, here are a few things to consider. Do I Need a Professional or Can I do it Myself? There are multiple factors to consider like budget, design, lifestyle, recreation and maintenance. Something else to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t receive a quote from just one contractor. Instead, try to get a least 3 quotes for the same services for Landscape Architects Perth needs This lets you do 2 things, compare prices of the different contractors and compare time frames Servicing your local areas, Landscape Architects Perth needs over the years Download Your FREE Report | 7 Things You Must Know Before Hiring A Landscaping Company Our Services 1. Mowing & Edging 2. Lawn Treatment – Weed Spraying & Fertilising 3. Hedging, Garden Maintenance & Yard Clean Ups 4. Turf Prep, Laying & Top Dressing 5. Fencing – All Styles (Timber,Aluminium, Colourbond) 6. Strutural Landscaping 7. New & Existing Home DOMESTIC & COMMERCIAL Perth Pools and Landscapes Reviews landscape designers Perth best landscaper Perth affordable landscaping […]

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  • Hector Rodriguez 11 months ago

    very good tutorial thank you.

  • Raywot Shrestha 11 months ago

    Could you do ; his tones in photos ?

  • DonaldM 11 months ago

    All those courses being advertised via u-tube and e-mail yet you don't have the time to reply back to two e-mails I have sent via your website in the last couple of weeks and yes I have made a number of purchases from you.

  • Marcello Becca 11 months ago

    serge when can i get the Ansel Adams Lightroom presets? I've already don the subscription to your news letter

  • Marcello Becca 11 months ago

    serge when can i get the Ansel Adams Lightroom presets? I've already don the subscription to your news letter

  • pesto12601 11 months ago

    How about a series on "normal photography".. you know… for those that just want to take a photo of a pond with trees.. or a scenic park… the kind of photos that are around us everyday… not New Zealand, the Grand Canyon or raging waterfalls that most need to take a vacation to photograph….

  • emer ica 11 months ago

    Monsieur Serge,

    i told you again and again. I love your work and tutorials, even tho
    i only an afford a couple. What's more exciting about you that
    you can make People be and stay motivated.

    Im sure your consistent work doesnt only motivate me,
    but hundreds if not thousands of other people around the globe!

    keep up!

  • TheGreekAstoria 11 months ago

    Wow My friend. I love all your videos but this time you stepped one step higher on the ladder of my favorite photographers. I've learned so much from you and I will definitely check out your course 🙂

  • Sirko Waldek 11 months ago

    I like all your Videos, it helps me so much to editing my photos and to find my own style, you are an amazing artist best Chanel on Youtube!! Thank you and have a look.

  • Every week a new best course? 😀