Neglected back garden design techniques

Garden Ninja shared his techniques for designing privacy in a neglected back garden. In any residential garden, privacy is essential, but achieving it can be difficult. Although moving the house to an open area is lovely, the reality usually means that you have to work with your neighbors instead of dealing with them. This is about achieving “feeling” privacy, not the “absolute” privacy of an 8-foot-tall wall. Need help solving your own garden design plot? Why not book an online consultation with Garden Ninja? A better way is to use plants and structures to prevent or limit certain views. This is to break the line of sight, rather than completely obscure the line of sight. In this garden, we used standard trees suitable for the soil type and slightly shaded to help disperse the scenery of the nearby garden. They also provide a real structure for small spaces, allowing your eyes to look inward instead of looking outward on a low fence. #gardendesign #gardening #privacy is all explained by Garden Ninja of Manchester garden designer and blogger Lee Burkhill. He is the RHS award-winning garden designer and panel member of the BBC Manchester who called in the garden on Saturday morning. Why not subscribe to my YouTube channel? Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:.


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  • josephine Brevig

    Repetition in a small space helps with creating a cohesive look. Much more pleasing to the eye in my opinion. I also appreciate that everyone has their own taste. You did a fantastic job. Love it.

  • Margaret Rutherford

    The shed was loads better turned round so it's side looked like the fence. A really good idea to deal with a footpath through the centre by making a round lawn to take it in. I bet the owners love it!

  • Busara Firestone

    I am a pro garden designer, and I find that I can't get enough tips on small gardens. Thanks much, Lee, keep em coming!

  • Shams Jaffer

    Hi, I like ur design for small garden my query is my backyard is on a slope and Iā€™m planning to do a kitchen garden please help

  • Denise Sykes

    Wow the garden looks so much bigger and very nice. Please do a Mediterranean garden design. Love your videos.

  • Rob Booth

    another great episode .. My back garden is literally exactly to this scale. It gets sun for 6 hours a day, but awful London clay conditions .. I dug the entire garden up by hand and have spent a year bedding down much better soil / compost …. Finally got rid of x2 – 30 foot conifers which have been taking all the water from the garden with their 20 metre roots all the way to the house šŸ™ …….. 2nd year gardener and all I do is watch YouTube every night for ideas, tips and a reet good education. Thank you Ninja

  • Jumping Jelly Fish

    I think the garden looks fantastic! You have done a truly great job. Hello from Australia.

  • MrJands1982

    Great vid! Just curious though, how did this cost from start to finish? Its about the same size as my garden

  • Keiry DePaolis

    Just subscribed! Have a small garden too and want to incorporate trees for privacy but I've been having a hard time finding trees small enough. What are the names of the trees you used here?

  • Stuart Galpin

    Really nice and tasteful redesign, and the way you talked through it was brilliant. I'm just about to make a career change and watching things like this is so valuable. Keep up the good work!

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