Neglected back garden design techniques

Garden Ninja shared his techniques for designing privacy in a neglected back garden. In any residential garden, privacy is essential, but achieving it can be difficult. Although moving the house to an open area is lovely, the reality usually means that you have to work with your neighbors instead of dealing with them. This is about achieving “feeling” privacy, not the “absolute” privacy of an 8-foot-tall wall. Need help solving your own garden design plot? Why not book an online consultation with Garden Ninja? A better way is to use plants and structures to prevent or limit certain views. This is to break the line of sight, rather than completely obscure the line of sight. In this garden, we used standard trees suitable for the soil type and slightly shaded to help disperse the scenery of the nearby garden. They also provide a real structure for small spaces, allowing your eyes to look inward instead of looking outward on a low fence. #gardendesign #gardening #privacy is all explained by Garden Ninja of Manchester garden designer and blogger Lee Burkhill. He is the RHS award-winning garden designer and panel member of the BBC Manchester who called in the garden on Saturday morning. Why not subscribe to my YouTube channel? Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:.


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