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Todays video is on Benefits of Neem oil in your garden as an organic pesticide and insecticide like eliminate or get rid off insects like caterpillars in plants and then how to use neem oil in your garden with few effective formulae or combinations. Get Online: Neem oil comes from the Neel plant also called Azadirachta indica plant, which is native to the Indian subcontinent. Both the seeds and fruits of the neem plant are pressed to get the vegetable oil we call neem oil. Firstly we shall start with the benefits of Neem oil in Gardening. Its primary use in garden is due to its insecticide or pesticide action due to the compound Azadirachtin in neem oil which kills pests in all their lifecyles like the adult or the larva stage. It also believed to have antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal action. Neem leaf paste was traditionally used for wound dressing in people and animals. Neem leaf tea is used for stomach infections and neem leave are also used in chickenpox. Garden benefits, its pesticidal action is used to eliminate the following pests and diseases in plants and used as blanket treatment for the following : 1. Powdery mildew 2. Caterpillars 3. Aphids 4. Mites 5. Thrips 6. Mealybugs 7. Whiteflies 8. Greenflies 9. Grasshoppers 10. Scale insects It also kills soil nematodes like root-knotters but its does not affect earthworms and infact its beneficial to them. Its also does not affect the beneficial pollinators like butter flies and honey bees. Now before going into making our Formulations for use in garden, the safety profile of neem oil. It has few effects when concentrated form is ingested like stomach irritation and eye irritation and contact dermatitis especially in children. Otherwise it has an excellent safety profile and its completely […]

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