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Neatherd School Garden Wrecked By Vandals. A few weeks ago, Stuart Kearns, a Facebook Group member brought the plight of Neatherd High school to my attention. They had been victims of mindless vandalisation and all their hard work throughout Spring had been totally lost. Their polytunnel was slashed using a garden fork and all the crop that was growing had been pulled up and destroyed. Over the following weeks the community got together and sorted out some new plants for the school and they managed to save their corn by replating the plants that were able to be saved. I was appalled by the amount of damage these vandals caused and this mindless act was not only uncalled for it could have cancelled the gardening project altogether. I want to thank 2 companies who stepped forward to make this possible, without them I could not have gone and helped this school. Both those companies websites are below for you to look at. consider supporting these if you’re after gardening products as they care about folks. Oakland Gardens First Tunnels Visit our website shop for all products used in this video https:/ Shed Build Part 1 Polytunnel Rebuild Part 1 For more Free YouTube gardening tips, tricks and how to’s: Share this video with a YouTuber friend: My most recent upload: My Most Popular Upload: Support Us on Patreon: PRODUCTS USED TO FILM THIS EPISODE Canon G7X Mark 2 Go Pro hero 5 Neewer Portable Tripod / Monopod Zoom H4n Sennheiser Digital Clipmic We would like to welcome all our new subscribers and thank you all for supporting UK here We Grow Business Enquiries Email Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsThe English Gardening SchoolGrow PDC School […]

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  • Pondguru 10 months ago

    People who vandalise should be treated way more harshly than someone who gets a few digits wrong on their tax return but unfortunately even if they were caught they would probably escape with a warning.
    Good on you for helping repair some of the damage.

  • degeneratewaste 10 months ago

    Peter Devonish was the vandal

  • Gardiner's Plot 10 months ago

    fab job teaching the kids about food and how to grow it. one of the best skills to have. great video 🙂

  • Guru Murphinda 10 months ago

    Sunday 1st of June 2018 (UKHWG Hits 18,000 Subscribers!!)


    Well Done Tony 18,000 fine Chaps and beautiful Fragrant Ladies mate..

    Feel The Love Brother.. LOLLOL.

  • lizzie Atherfold 10 months ago

    Tony that's just so cool right with you on this one! Thank goodness for the company's help
    Stirling stuff x

  • Bionic Rasta 10 months ago

    Good work. I think a hidden camera is the only way to catch them in the act & should be considered, its not expensive to set up. Another observation is they need a net over that cage where they are growing cabbages after seeing that butterfly in there.

  • Guru Murphinda 10 months ago


  • Barry Roberts 10 months ago

    There are always some idiots around with nothing to do, except ruin other peoples hard work.
    Well Done to all involved with the new build.
    Barry (Wirral, ENG)

  • Wendy Rowland 10 months ago

    Perhaps we could learn from the bees, but so called civilisation does not control the human ant hills that increased population has created. The devil finds work for idle hands. I thought it was a pity that the children turned their backs on the work in progress, one learns a great deal by watching. I am glad the good guys came to the rescue.

  • Linda Penney 10 months ago

    Sorry to hear the sad new i just do not understand why folk go out of their way to hrt other peoples hard work blessings

  • BetterYouBetterWorld 10 months ago

    just pondered it for a while.. and u no what it is… its straight up a lack of love in our cultures today, we all need to dive into love and drop the bullshit

  • BetterYouBetterWorld 10 months ago

    i cant stand it how kids think being naughty is cool all it takes is one older kid with good morrals and guidence to influence them to do the right thing but the older kids have the worst guidence of all, we are just coming out of sick barbaric times i believe

  • Guru Murphinda 10 months ago

    If you are watching this video, please subscribe to Tony's channel…. I predicted he would be at 18,000 subscribers by July and I am an Irish tinkers grandson with the Banshee gift, so if I am not proved right Tony will take liberties with my ancestors … Sub this channel, boy's and Girls… You Wont Regret it.

  • Sandra T 10 months ago

    i bought my polythene from too, absolutely fabulous company, great quality, great customer service and great people for helping you guys. I can highly recommend them, too.

  • deadly 0101 10 months ago

    Well done to you and the company's that helped your tops . Well done to the school

  • CEO Amaru 10 months ago

    Broken Britain!! Bring back mandatory military service. No discipline and way too much leniency.

  • Guru Murphinda 10 months ago

    Great to see you care mate… it's helping out and paying it forward that set's men from spouters mate, and You the Man Mate.

    Full respect pal ;-)…